Type 26 Global Combat Ship


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What's the main difference between the type 26s due in service in the next decade and our current type 23 frigates?

T23 Launched from 87(L)/90(c) - Cost £130m, 4,900t - general purpose and ASW focus
T26 Launched circa 2020 - Cost £350m, 6,500t - much broader range of missions/tasking
Available now, off the shelf, proven technology (dodgy emissions?). https://www.thyssenkrupp-marinesystems.com/en/blohmvoss-class-125-frigate.html
But we can't buy them because its simply not British, we will no doubt spend millions getting something that does not meet the design intent, and needs weeks of expensive additional work before it can even go operational.
The T26 will exploit a huge amount of the proven technology (and hardware) already developed, upgraded and utilised in the T23. Why pay for it twice, only to get foreign kit that's not compatible with what we already use, support logistically and train on?

Also, a UK design will maintain and enhance our own shipbuilding skills, manufacturing capabilities and system development and be cheaper because the cost (and tax returns) will remain in country instead of benefiting someone else's economy.
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