Type 26 Global Combat Ship

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by wannabeloggy, Nov 7, 2015.

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  1. What's the main difference between the type 26s due in service in the next decade and our current type 23 frigates?
  2. The 26 is designed to be modular so it can operate in practically any role. ASW, ASuW, Air Defence, Littoral, OPV and practically anything else. It will also be TLAM capable and have a ginagorous flight deck.

    Other differences will be there will only be about six of them, they won't work and will probably only end up armed with a 4.5 by the time they are delivered.
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  3. 5" if press releases are to be believed.
  4. No after more defence cuts they may be 4.5 but are more likely to be Bofors
  5. What size/model Bofors?
  6. Whichever is available from the second hand arms dealers, possibly models the RN pensioned off in the 60s
  7. Oh.
    I thought you were being serious.
    Never mind.
  8. About 3
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  9. the plan is to have 13 T26's

    the standard ship company will be around 118 bods. That does not include AB2's, who come under 'mission essential manning'...there will be 11 'mission essential manning' crews when all 13 are made.
    If your ship is sent to the Gulf for 9 months, you will get a certain variant of 'mission crew' compared to a deployment down the south atlantic....or something like that. A full uplift of mission crews will bump the numbers onobard closer to 200

    they will be able to deliver all forms of operations and MAYBE have TLAM fitted (we shall see)
    as someone mentioned above, the flight deck will be huge. I think the ambition is to be able to land a chinnock on it?????

    5 of them (i think) will be built primarily for ASW roles and all 13 will take circa 20 years to build/deliver
  10. Shall we start a sweepstake to see how many of the 13 are actually built? Remember T45? First 12, then 9 and then, oh yes, 6 built and delivered.
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  11. Yep. I struggle to see the point in that, it's somebody's wish list item that has no real use.
  12. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    And a chinook yes - all part of the plan to be capable of acting as a host for SF operations.

    I agree with Monty, at SDSR and after the CSR my GUESS, is we'll see a batch 1 of around 6, enabling the most knackered T23 to be decommissioned (or sold on), thereafter in the next SDSR period we will see a further X.

    As they stand the plans to date and the equipments bought seem to suggest we've learnt some lessons and they should be exceptionally capable platforms.
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  13. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    T23 Launched from 87(L)/90(c) - Cost £130m, 4,900t - general purpose and ASW focus
    T26 Launched circa 2020 - Cost £350m, 6,500t - much broader range of missions/tasking
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  14. The T26 will exploit a huge amount of the proven technology (and hardware) already developed, upgraded and utilised in the T23. Why pay for it twice, only to get foreign kit that's not compatible with what we already use, support logistically and train on?

    Also, a UK design will maintain and enhance our own shipbuilding skills, manufacturing capabilities and system development and be cheaper because the cost (and tax returns) will remain in country instead of benefiting someone else's economy.
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