TWOCING (taking without consent or joyriding)

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Are the courts being too soft on the young tearaways who for entertainment steal cars and then race them around our towns , cities and estates. If the police pursue them and the kids crash and die in the process the parents of these kids then blame the police. When caught the judicial system treats them softly so days later they are out stealing again. Most but not all of these crimes are committed by white children from sink estates.
    My solution:
    Bring back the 60s style Borstal Approved schools. six months in one of these would almost certainly put most kids back on the straight and narrow. I had a friend who was sent to the one at Portland, result was he never got into trouble again, when I asked him why he told me that no way was he going back to Borstal.

    Any other suggestions?
  2. Yes. When caught, strap them to them bumpers of cars for a period on 24 hrs. See if they want to go joyriding again

    Seriously though
    Make them watch the clear up of the trail of destruction they leave, and god forbid if they kill anyone, MAKE the sit and listen to the relatives.

    If that still does not work then bring back the stocks and public humiliation, lets stop pandering to them and start punishing them.
  3. Down in the land of the KIWI they are called CAR CONVERTERS the car has now been converted from the hands of the owner to the knobhead.

    Last I read there is an abundance of burned out cars around the Brecon Beacons.

    I do know a person who was slammed away many years ago for the vandalising schools and he never did it again a few mornings of cold showers etc soon brought him into the land of reality. Not a fecking Safari trip.
  4. Whenever one of these toerags kills himself (without killing innocent people) my heart rejoices and I think that perhaps there is a God after all.
    Sympathy for the parents of the deceased, well perhaps if they had done their parenting correctly they would still have their son, however I think that in some cases they are sorry that the family allowance will be cut.

    Now I am going to get incoming.
  5. I would say 99% of the population would be behind you on this one. The 1% being the knob wrapped round the tree.
  6. Ever watch the 'Police, Camera, Action' or 'Car Wars' on telly ??

    They chase the car, they crash, do a runner and concentrate on the driver... a few times now its been shown where the driver and his co-hort do a runner before the boys in blue get there and leave the 2 girls in the back seat.

    The girls deny knowing who the boys are etc and got in for a laugh, the Police then have to let them go - NO, arrest them and charge them. they are in the car ergo they are responsible for the car and see how long it takes for them to own up. Same if driver does a runner and they grab the passenger - charge him with driving and see how long it takes before they suddenly remember the names.
    First offence - 6 months inside Young Offenders
    2nd offence - 12 months inside Young Offenders
    3rd Offence - 2 Years PRISON AND parents get all benefits stopped for 6 months as well as reduction in council tax reversed.
  7. A correction to your sentancing criteria: !st Offence 2 years hard labour on bread and water: 2nd Offence double it,third offence triple....etc Custodial sentances should be made exremely unpleasant,scare them into not doing the crime ,not try to persuade them to reform by giving them a good life inside.
  8. No, don't bang up those poor lassies in the back, won't solve anything!

    We need a Community order, something like John Prescott's secretary should put the fear of God into them!

    On a more serious note, we have a problem with ex-forces personnel ending up on the streets after leaving the forces, we can set up Military schools, for these scum (the Joyriders, certainly not the Ex-forces personnel!) Nice early wake up call a la cold showers, bit of PT after every time they hark on about their rights. The scum can be reformed and if they show promise "promote" them, improve their accomodation etc. Make them do community service work as well, the usual clean up graffiti, publicly apologise to their victims.

    But by far the worst punishment would be having to eat MoD Establishment beans, they taste like beans from no other place, who supplies those awful things?

    (Edited to clearly show I do not think Ex-forces personnel who are homeless are scum, I think more should be done for them, and they are being let down by the Government, for their no doubt fine service for their country.)
  10. P-O

    No such offence of TDA or TWOCING as you have named it has existed in England and Wales since TDA was expunged from the Road Traffic Act in 1968 and Section 12 Theft Act 1968 established the offence of Theft of a Conveyance. The two principle differences between the old and new act is that it applies to any form of conveyance boat to bus and you do not actually have to move it as you did with TDA in the RTAct.

    Its THEFT and has been since 1968.

    If the Police spent more time looking for car theft instead of sending two officers at enquire about spoof letters in news papers see todays Daily Wail re Grey Squirrels then perhaps the Lord Chancellors Office would treat the matter more seriously but then they only want to bank up old folk who will not pay the Council tax and Peace Demonstrators.

  11. So its just plain ole Theft. Not joyriders, but just a common lowly thief! Still my punishment plan stays the same!

    Funny thing really, if they take out youths Stealing Cars, then I believe it would reduce future crime. I am under the impression that many teens start stealing cars, and burning them out, and then move on to bigger things. Take these crimes seriously, saving yourself work in the long run. But who cares about Future crimes, that will be a job for future politicians, why bother dealing with it now?

    But as you say, why bother with the hard work, arrest a Granny for not paying her council tax, and thats one Offender off the streets, we can all sleep easy now eh? And those peace protestors, reading out the names of the dead in Iraq at the Cenotaph, I'm so glad Tony passed that Protest law so the Police could move them away from casuing such a dangerous disturbance!

    (NOTE: Sorry for the above Quoted double post, I must have hit Quote rather than Edit!)

  12. P-O

    Are you suggesting that ex-forces personnel who have fallen on hard times are SCUM. If so I suggest to wind your neck in a few ratchets before someone chops it off. You have no idea of the troubles, trauma, and problems most of these people have had whilst serving.

    As I have said before, then thank fuck I never served with a pig like you who engages his GOB before your brain. I can only hope that any AIB see through you and your Tory Shires mindset.

  13. No!

    I didn't mean that! If you look at the second post I wrote, the one thats quoted, I accidently hit Quote rather than edit! I do not think any ex-Forces personel are scum. I'm saying we make use of their brilliant service record and give those who have been let down in getting a civvy job, and use their skills in rehabilitating the Joyriding scum.

    So to be clear Ex-forces, homeless or to have gone onto other things NOT scum.

    Joyriders Scum

    Sorry for any misunderstanding!
  14. I think Nutty knew that PO. however its always good to be able to wind up someone from the occifer club :)
  15. Oh thank God. (I had hoped that, and just thought so as not to cause offence to ex-Forces personnel, I'd best be extra clear!)

    Problem with t'Internet is that it is near impossible to detect sarcasm!

    And what is Nutty's problem with the Tories, living out in Spain I don't suppose you have to live with the mess with this Labour government are causing us.

    Bad news for you Nutty, unfortunatly, in your rose tinted spectacled eyes at least, I passed the AIB, reasonably well apparently. And I would appreciate you not Gobbing off, calling people Pigs and judging their ability to serve and lead based on an Internet forum. I hope that these issues you have at least are no more than you having a go at a "Potential Officer" in the great Ratings vs Ruperts War, rather than your normal attitude.
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The wonderful thing about British Law is that it protects all citizens, irrespective of their position in society. In this case the passenger(s) in the vehicle (witnesses to the offence, rather than suspects themselves) are under no legal obligation to implicate themselves or others of any offence in any subsequent interview; it is the job of the Police to obtain all necessary evidence to prove or disprove their involvement in the investigation. If they are a suspect, then they cannot be compelled to implicate themselves (or others), however in accordance with the wording of the Caution, a Court can draw an inference if they choose to remain silent when questions are put to them. And it is highly unlikely that a Court will convict on a confession alone - corroborative evidence is required, at least.

    So under what offence would you arrest/charge the girls? I doubt they would be convicted of aiding/abetting of the theft itself. And the arrest also has to be lawful; accusations of wrongful arrest sometimes result Police Officers being relieved of their duties, leaving us back at square one, with less officers on patrol doing their job! Furthermore by your rationale, the passenger is as responsible as the driver - something to consider when you get an untaxed/defective taxi which is driven by an unlicensed person? Or is that different, because you are a responsible adult, rather than a 'chav' with no ambitions or aspirations?

    Shouldn't the suspects' previous convictions also be taken into account? If we start putting Young Offenders away at the first instance, it would be counter-productive:
    a. Unnecessary congestion of the YOIs or HMPs;
    b. the opportunity to learn (from other more experienced offenders) the skills of the trade for a life of crime when they get released back into an environment that turns the other cheek when they need help, advice and assistance;

    Some of the reasons borstals were shut down in the first place! Although the film "Scum" was an exaggeration it was closer to the truth than people were willing to admit - a volatile environment will breed a volatile offender; rehabilitation will more often than not breed a potential ex-offender - someone who can (if given the chance) contribute to the society he came from.

    None of us can be sanctimonious about it. If we're truly honest we've all done something wrong today; be it a white lie, a dodgy travel claim, or whatever. At the time it seemed like a good idea, but with hindsight (or when we get caught) we probably wouldn't have done it. Young offenders are no different. Contempt breeds contempt - think about that next time you sneer at a group of kids who appear to be (in your eyes) misbehaving - one day soon, when they grow up they could be manning the ships of the RN, or sitting in a prison cell. The choice is theirs, but it's sometimes influenced by the attitude of the world around them.
  17. I make no excuses for the behaviour of young offenders, there are enough bleeding hearts out there who keep telling the world how these kids commit crimes because of the situation they are in. These opinions change when it is their car, mobile phone, house, life etc which is affected by these young thugs.
    Bring back the borstal system and I for one would have more confidence in the young offender not re offending after being a resident for six months.
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Spend time in a YOI and talk to these people - they're no different to you or I!

  19. Nice one sgtP. There is no way that I can agree with you. They are completely different to me and the majority of RR members. I am a law abiding citizen (apart from a speeding offence) and you are an upholder of the law.
    I think that if you truly believe that these scrote's are no different to RR members and the youngsters who get on with their life without causing suffering to others then in my opinion you are completely wrong.
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Prove to me that every RR member (myself included) did not have a Police record (of whatever magnitude) prior to joining up? The 'kidz' of today are called offpring for a reason - we create them, so we are also responsible for their characteristics and behaviour!

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