"Two Six" videos - what do you think?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dunkers, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. Last night my RNR ship's company sat and watched two of the "Two Six" videos. Apparantely they won an award for their "communication" qualities and indeed they do have some informative material in them. But I have to say that as the videos played the ship's coy was laughing at what was being said more than they were finding it informative. Let me give you some examples,

    "the introduction of JPA to the RN has slipped back to October" - slipped back, eh! Mmm I wonder why! Didn't make any mention of the reasons.

    "HMS Grafton has been decomissioned after clocking up some 260,000 miles." As you know 260,000 miles is absolutely nothing.

    So it was, unintentionally, quite funny.

    It's also very slick and toes the party line. Any sailors interviewed in it express nothing but positive comments for whatever is being suggested (eg pay as you dine), there is seemingly no alternative view. Getting a little bit like Navy News in this respect, maybe?

    So what do you think about them, are they useful, are they propaganda... or a mix of the two...?
  2. We watched the latest version..July last night...!!

    Topics were the excellent capability that Bowman and Vikings now provided to the Royals, Viking yes but Bowman an excellent bit of kit...????..I heard that it was a bag of shit!!!

    and a very interesting bit about Pay as you Dine!!! (mentioned above)..which is being roled out in shore bases where you pay for your food on a cafe type basis....its up and running at Yeovilton apparently..everyone seemed to be in favour..but is that the truth..??..Any Wafu's out there give us the gen dit on it is it as good as they say it is!!

    Might be worth considering opening a thread on this one..!!
  3. Staged crap IMHO
  4. Pay as you Dine!!!......They'll be having a whip round for diesel during a RAS next!!
  5. You can view them online here. They're made well, but are slightly patronising. Total party line glossy rubbish with no substance. Not many people older than 25 years old like it, but the lads seem to like them.

    I love the line in both of the last 2 (May and July) that "HMS LEDBURY is responsible for the intergrity of UK waters". What - On her own? I bet Al Qaeda are shitting themselves...
  6. The question was asked what happens when you get to the middle of the month and jack has pissed all his wonga down the khazi...would he have to go hungry...of course not he just needs to go to the UPO to make the necessary arrangements.....I can see a large queue forming at the UPO already!!

    Its a good idea to do this as it will help jack manage his money better and get him ready for the outside world......Jack...Money...Manage....Hmmm!!!
  7. This is a bit like the good idea Plymouth Council had to reduce violent drunken disorder in Union Street...we'll remove the licences from the dodgy premises........oh and to increase tourism, we'll extend licencing in the Barbican......Amazingly Matelots found where the Barbican was!!!
  8. What do you mean only slightly patronising??

    Has any one seen the 3 episodes of 'Making Waves' that were never shown?? I got them for the knock down price of less than a fiver. As far as 2-6 goes those last 3 Making Waves are right up there in the crap stakes
  9. What he said :cry:
  10. You should show her more respect!

    It seems just moments ago that we took her to the Falkands in company with Brecon to save the world. A 16,000 mile round trip without getting too lost must have impressed their Lordships mightily. :D

    Are the videos called "two - six" because they are heavy? :?

    PS, it's quite nice to know that at least one ship I served in is still in commission :(
  12. Time was half a crown was real money. Has devaluation set in or something?
  13. when I joined for half a crown you got 100 blue liners and 2 old pence change
  14. I quite enjoyed watching the latest one. But then I was 7 hours in to a 14 hour Night Watch and my job now revolves around keeping Pongos and Crabs happy rather than doing anything naval. That said, I believed only about 40% of what was said as the guy and gals were obviously fed the party lines to preach.

    I'd rather see policy messages come out like this and get laughed at then come out in some obscure Temporary Memo which literally no-one reads until the witch-hunt comes after the next cock-up. (cynical? me? - no!)

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