two questions??

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by jannerpig88, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. Are chefs not allowed to serve on boats after the rank of killick??? Was that a VC on the bulkhead in the wardroom HMS TURBULENT (yes , spotted whilst watching heston)???
  2. Q1 Pass

    Q2 Well spotted.

    <<The previous HMS/M Turbulent sank over 90,000 tons of enemy shipping. She was depth charged on over 250 occasions by enemy forces hunting her.

    In recognition of this achievement, and the gallantry of Turbulent's crew, her commander, John Wallace Linton, DSO, DSC, RN was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross on 25 May 1943. The citation read:

    The King has been Graciously pleased to approve of the grant of the Victoria Cross for great valour in command of HM Submarines to Commander John Wallace Linton, DSO, DSC, Royal Navy. From the outbreak of war until HMS Turbulent's last patrol, Commander Linton was constantly in command of submarines, and during that time inflicted great damage on the enemy. He sank one cruiser, one destroyer, one U-boat, twenty-eight supply ships, some 100,000 tons in all, and destroyed three trains by gunfire. In his last year he spent two hundred and fifty four days at sea, submerged for nearly half the time, and his ship was hunted thirteen times and had two hundred and fifty depth-charges aimed at her. His many and brilliant successes were due to his constant activity and skill, and the daring which never failed him when there was an enemy to be attacked. On one occasion, for instance, in HMS Turbulent, he sighted a convoy of two merchantmen and two Destroyers in mist and moonlight. He worked round ahead of the convoy and dived to attack it as it passed through the moon's rays. On bringing his sights to bear he found himself right ahead of a destroyer. Yet he held his course 'till the destroyer was almost on top of him, and, when his sights came on the convoy, he fired. His great courage and determination were rewarded. He sank one merchantman and one destroyer outright, and set the other Merchantmen on fire so that she blew up.>>
  3. Q1. Yes. There is always a Catering Services SR (might have been a steward, might have been a cook) on board. We had a Chief Cook with us a year ago on deployment. They are not carried to actually do any cooking, though most like to take advantage of the opportunity whenever it arises.
  4. What does the catering s/r do day to day then??
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm sure the Cox'n asks himself the same question... :shock:
  6. Subsunk

    Subsunk Badgeman Book Reviewer

    We had a CPO Chef on my last patrol who was an outstanding Ship Controller. Can't comment on his cooking.
  7. Quite a bit of time on the planes or ship control, and quite a bit of time looking forlornly at the TRICAT laptop.
  8. The original set of decorations are owned by Lord Ashcroft and are on display at the new VC exhibition at the IWM so where did the wardroom set come from?

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