Two months for girl whose rape lie ruined cabbie's life

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by slim, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Got a link there Slim??
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I agree, she should be named, shamed and her picture shown. Two months? she'll already be out or released and tagged in two days time.
  3. Sub-human scum, i'm in favour of public floggings for people like this..
  4. what a bitch,,,,,,,,,, its girls like her that make me soo mad...
    she needs naming shaming... her life needs to be ruined.. the poor man she has destroyed... wonder who esle she has ruined....
  5. What an absolute disgrace!! Justice my arse! Name and shame the bitch and get the guy compensation. Grips my shit that!! :twisted: :evil: :evil:
  6. :evil: here here!! I would make sure her face is splashed over the tabloids and hey why not.......have it up on bilboards across the UK as part of her punishment. Mud sticks for people branded as 'rapists' and found not guilty so name and shame her. ...
  7. Sticks for anybody who is accused of any crime. Praise be we know longer have the old folk hanging over the front gate waiting to tell the world. We have the internet to do that!!
  8. she should be name as the bloke is named from day one whatever the out come, real bad day for all females as this is not what they need.
  9. So she was under age when out getting bladdered with her older sister, threw up in the guys cab etc, he did all he could to get her home safe and this is how he gets repaid, a false allegation that has destroyed him, his family and their livelyhood, she gets 4 months.

    WHY OH WHY are these women being allowed to get away with these accusations, the guy is arrested, held, released on bail BEFORE ANY evidence is found so already the guy has been named to everyone. All these false allegations do is make it harder for the real cases to get to the courts

    Personally I think both her and the local plod should go on the local news and locel press to issue an reserved appology to the poor guy and his family. She should then be forced to pay compensation for loss of earnings and any medical bills incurred by the taxi drivers family oh and lets not forget a nice long spell in one of HM Hotels.
  10. complete cnuts like her grip my fuckin shit - name and shame her all the good it would do - bitch

  11. What about the house/mortgage payments? This is one case I hope does sue and get compensation. Not normally in favour of such things but this guy sounds like every matelots dream cabbie...
    Drives you home, clears up your puke and gets you turned in. All for £13.
  12. The shame of it! I hope she realises she has ruined her families life also!
  13. The state this country is in now, she will probably be a contestant on the next Big Brother, seems to have the right pyschological make-up.... fcucked up attention seeking liar
  14. Hate woman like her , Fxxxxxxxxxg bitch , name & shame the cow , :twisted: :evil:
  15. Story gone NZ!

    She should be named and shamed! Forced to pay compensation and speak to real rape victims.
  16. Absolutely shocking. Rape is a disgusting crime. Lying about it...? I can't figure out if it's worse, it's almost like wishing it on yourself. So many rape victims don't go forward. I fear that those that do may be viewed with suspicion because of disgusting specimens like her.

    No justice at all. Real rapists don't get punished like that innocent cabbie has been!

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