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What was the general reaction around the country to the two minute silence today?

Personally, I didn't know there was one until this morning.

Where I was in a suburb of Liverpool no one observed it apart from me and another driver.

In addition, we seem to have two minutes silence now at the drop of a hat. They had one for the tsunami last year didn't they.

Personally, I think they should be kept for Remembrance Day and occasional once only events of national significance. IMHO.
I didn't know there was one either. I lost someone in the tsunami but I do my rememberance my way, I don't need to stand silently for two minutes to remember war dead but I do. If it brings comfort to those left behind then bring it on.


Do it in my own way , but like Linglai , I think if it brings comfort to families and friends of the victims then bring it on , so many bad things going on in this world at the moment , makes you wonder when it's all going to end , !!!!!
dondon said:
Do it in my own way , but like Linglai , I think if it brings comfort to families and friends of the victims then bring it on , so many bad things going on in this world at the moment , makes you wonder when it's all going to end , !!!!!
Sooner rather than later if Al Qaeda have anything to do with it.....


Seemed a bit strange to me.
Two minutes silence on Armistice Day, fair enough I absolutely agree with that. We're remembering men and women who went to their deaths to defend their country. That deserves respect.

But however tragic the deaths of the people who died in those bombings were. They didn't actually do anything. They weren't necessarily brave or noble, they were just ordinary people who died suddenly. Why do they deserve a nationwide period of silence any more than the 3000 people who died in car acidents last year?

Perhaps I'd feel differently if I knew someone who'd died in the bombings but didn't know anyone who'd died in a car accident but it just feels to me like this silence has only happened because the media want a bit of hysteria and the politicians want to be seen as caring.

I suppose if it really does help the greiving families then I shouldn't complain, and I observed it anyway. I'm just not sure about the motives.
I completely forgot about the silence and agree that, although incredibly sad, we are having to many silences. I always look at Remembrance Sunday as being just that; remembering people who have died because of an act of extreme violence, be it a war, bomb or similar.

Back when the Omagh bombings happened, I remember as a nation we had a one mintue silence the following weekend, then it was left to the families and thous who want to remember with in the community.

Why has it suddenly become a two mintue silence as well, I totally agree for the brave men and women who died defending our freedom, but for plane crashes and Americans who refused to leave a building that had been flown into by a plane for fear they missed out on making money, sorry I don't see why.

Just my two sense worth



War Hero
I have the feeling it all started with the death of a certain person (female) some years back. Ever since, we seem to have mass hysterical grieving at the drop of a hat. Two points spring to mind

1/ I can do it better than you (more a fashion thing than anything else).
2/ another import from across the pond.

Any other ideas?


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A week ago was the 90th anniversary of probably the biggest one day military balls up ever,the first day of the Somme,20000 dead in the first two minute silence for those poor guys.
You are correct IMHO itall started with the over publicised death of a certain person,now we wallow in public grief at the drop of a hat.

Rant over..normal service will be resumed shortly


Lantern Swinger
I had forgotten about it too, I was shopping in Speke, Liverpool, came out of one large store which did not have the 2 mins silence walked into another shop and thought thats odd everyone just seems to be standing around like statues, carried on to the kids wear section, mooched around checking shorts for my son, when they piped" thanks for observing the 2 min silence" I felt really fcking stupid, and left pretty damn quickly


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Two minutes silence? I didn't know anything about it. I did get bloody angry on the 7th though as the combined news networks seemed completely hung up on the anniversary and what a terrible thing it was. Don't get me wrong - it was bloody awful and my heart really goes out to the victims, their families and others affected by it. They should never have to experience such horror. But the sheer scale of events taking place to commemorate the events of last year - plaques, flowers, church services on a national scale - incredible, particularly when you compare it with the normal response to a British service person being killed in the line of duty.

This month we've had five British soldiers killed in Afghanistan, which in some cases barely made the news (certainly wasn't the top story) and, given that these boys volunteered to serve their country and the people living in it, what recognition do they and their families get? :evil:

We are in serious danger of missing the whole point of the real meaning for the two-minute silence. We really need to realign our priorities in this country or we're in danger of ending up with two minutes for the no 10 cat when he eventuallypops his cloggs. :x :evil: :x

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