Two Jags

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. I must say that I do not see how Two Sh*gs expects the common man to believe that there was no connection at all between his vist to a millionaires Texas ranch, and the fact said millionaire was involved in possibly taking the Millenium Dome of the governments hands.

  2. Very cynical view there Peter. But VERY TRUE.
  3. Let's draw a line under it. Lessons have been learned, now it's time to move on.

    Yeah, right!
  4. Not cynical at all, why does a rich Texan want to entertain Two Sh*gs, because he is the Deputy Prime Minister of the country the chap want to try and make a lot of money out of. If Two Sh*gs has no influence then he is the biggest freeloader in the country, and needs booted out for that.

    Just another of Tony's cronies found with his hand in some one elses pocket I'm afraid.

  5. They never surprise me as I now accept that they are all lying arabs, in fact I can't think of any politicos who are not bent. Not a lot of point in voting either if they are all the same....hobsons choice really.
  6. Ooh now I am getting worried I have found a subjest Ling almost agrees with me on.

  7. He he he
    Peter, my brutha from anutha mutha.
  8. Peter, I think you misunderstood my post. May have been a bit too tongue in cheek. ;-)
  9. No problem, gave me a second bite at the cherry.

  10. The problem about voting apathey is that there is always a danger of ending up with a dictatorship if the one party remains in office and we fast heading in that direction with Dictator Blair. Surely its better to keep them on their toes by rotating the different parties into power. By not doing so it only gives the party in power the right to do anything they want whether we want it to happen or not. The only thing we have to change things in this country is the vote, if we don't like something then lets vote it out.
  11. What I want to know, is exactly what Mr Prescott has on TB that he can still be in a job despite all the evidence that he is a cheap, sordid, sexually harassing bully on the make? He will be used as the cardinal example of how not to treat a workforce as long as we have equal opportunities legislation.

    It must be really juicy or he would have been sacked eons ago!
  12. I think putting up with Two Sh*gs is the price of staying in No 10, simple as that. If he goes there has to be a deputy leadership election, and especially at the present that will almost inevitably create a demand for a leadership election too. Two Sh*gs being a well trained shop steward knows that he has the management over a barrel at the moment and is milking the system for all he can get, hence his all expenses trip to this guys small holding in Texas.

  13. Ditto the above ' I'd still shag Pauline just to piss him off ' :roll: :twisted:

    The only man to enter parliament with honest intentions.
  15. According to Official sources,the RH member was meeting the yank to see just how an american ranch worked and to talk about Agriculture!!!Funny i didnt know Fat Boy was into farming????Maybe he was there to stock up on bullshit!LOL
  16. With what has happened this morning at the airports, does anyone feel safe in the hands of the Two Jags and his ability to handle the situation as 'leader of the country' ?
  17. Thankfully he is not in the firing line[if only] and the decisions we hope are made by others.
  18. Seems to me that Mr Reid is running the country

    DPM is phoning 'community leaders' and writing letters to the Daily Mail
  19. [quote="SailbadTheSinner
    DPM is phoning 'community leaders' and writing letters to the Daily Mail[/quote]

    Maybe he is arranging another Croquet gme for the boys?
  20. Ahhh good old two jags, an example of how far a steward can rise....if he really tries hard!

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