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Two Faces of UKIP

So our staunch anti imigration party leader has double standards when it comes to saving his own money. Todays "Sunday Times is running this story.

Quote: THE leader of the anti-immigration UK Independence party (UKIP) has imported cheap east European labourers to renovate his West Country mansion.

Roger Knapman, an MEP and UKIP’s leader since 2002, hired Polish workers through his son, who runs a company that specialises in bringing foreign labour to Britain. Unquote,,2087-2168653,00.html

It appears all Pollies have double/treble or quadruple standards. But like all on the far right or left, pander to public fears to obtain power, prestige and reward whilst thinking they are above their own polices which only apply to the little people.

The ONLY thing pollies are interested in is MONEY!they will bend,distort and alter the ROE so they are the winners 10 out of 10!!!it makes my blood boil every time they prattle on about things being done for "the benefit of electorate",the only person these are done ofr are themselves!!Stalin had it right in dealing with these two timing lying scumbuckets!And with the advent of high powered rifles we can shoot more than one with each bullet!!!!!Come the revolution comrades,LOL!
Remember the guy who did a election campaign wearing a white suit and his chat up line was ---no sleaze

Yeah yeah----- I think all of them are now career politicians-----noses in trough big time.

Vote Lib-Dem the real hot air party.
Greenie said:
Remember the guy who did a election campaign wearing a white suit and his chat up line was ---no sleaze

Martin Bell, the ex-reporter. Stood against Neil Hamilton on the anti-sleaze ticket in 1997 and won, served one term and then stood down at that constituency. Tried again in 2001 against in another constituency where corruption had been rumoured - was unsuccessful and immediately retired from politics.

Greenie said:
Yeah yeah----- I think all of them are now career politicians-----noses in trough big time.

I think we need a minimum age at which people can enter politics, say 55 and a maximum term of 15 years. No copper bottoming politicians pensions at the expense of the electorate and none of this party politicial see-sawing. What I think we need in government is a body of experienced people who can run a large organisation successfully, who can look after people's welfare and who want to take the role out of their beliefs and not because it will grant them limitless power!
And no changing horses half way through. Had a couple of pollies in Oz who changed parties once elected. The public voted for them and the party they stood for, so if they changed parties there should be a bi-election
Our Prime Ministers should have a set term too and should only be allowed to stay in post for a max of six to eight years [subject, of course, to election results]. It's a bit like the yanks I know but eventually they will reach a point in time when they see the end of the road looming up ahead. Who knows, they might even try to use their remaining time to do some real good on behalf of the public, even if it is only to ensure their place in the history books for something other that making war, sleaze, etc. :roll:
IMHO as long as this country continues with its adversorial political system we will continue to be lumbered with half assed badly conccieved laws written to maintain civil servants in jobs and politicians bums on seats. The system is completely flawed in a modern country.

If more time was spent compiling good law and less spent in childish across the house arguments formatting knee jerk reaction legislation we would have a far better country
Just remember, the only people to have entered Parliament with good intentions were the Gunpowder Plotters!! :wink:

Martin Bell being a possible exception of course.

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