Two-faced cynical b'stard cnut

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by LujonSA, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Is anyone else incensed by the statement made today by the Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness about the Romanian families who have been staying at a leisure centre after being forced out of their homes in Belfast by racial attacks.

    He said, "It really dows shake your humanity ... to think that there are people within our society who are prepared to inflict all of this on defenceless babies and their parents".

    Do bear in mind when listening to that cynical drivel that this is the same man who was prepared to kill and/or injure and maim anyone regardless of age, sex, colour or creed when he was driving the IRA. It makes my blood boil. You will have to cut and paste the following because I have not mastered the art of creating links and I am too 'king cross to try anyway.
  2. Yes Martin it does shake my humanity too:

    but then so did your organisation's bombing of Omagh, Enniskillen, the Deal Barracks and hundreds of other attrocities.

    Hypocrisy of the first order. See ya next Tueasday.
  3. Quite true, but "two wrongs" and all that.
  4. Reading between the lines I think Mr McGuiness thinks the perpetrators of the alleged racism were from the NI loyalist community hence he felt able to condemn their actions without a hint of irony.
  5. You can give a Rat a pinstripe suit and a title, but it's still a Rat.
    In my opinion, both he and the other Rat deserved a double Tap not Ministerial positions. But then.............................
  6. The truth about the Romanian group will be untold because anyone telling it is instantly being labelled a racist

    The 'I Runaway Boy' Maginnis needs the situation because he never has had an original idea in his life

    Jack McH
  8. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Agree with roofrat and 21man here, damned if you do, damned if you don't methinks.
  9. I find Paddy generally well balanced. He’s just as likely to pick a row with his own as he is with any bloody foreigner. Anyway;

    So, no significant means of support then?

    I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Romania, have a lot of respect for them and have valued their hospitality. The group we are reading about, though, doesn’t fit the general Romanian characteristics; but does the Romanian Roma one; the Zingara. When the Zingara inhabit the towns and cities, the Romanians despise them with a vengeance. They beg to the point where people feel threatened, they steal and make most places where they have been into a complete s**t hole(literally). If anything’s going to p**s Paddy off, that’s one of them.

    As I know how ethnically sensitive these people are, I had a look;

    Ah yes. Many of the photographs also look very Zingara like. This has a certain similarity to;

    The majority of these people will never “fit in†so long as they have a hole in their a**e. As ever, we are only told what we need to know.
  10. So it was really all OK then because these people wre merely Gypos.
  11. Intimidation by thugs is not appropriate to a civilised society that respects its own laws. It is important to understand what provokes intimidating thugs, though.

    Now you’ve posed the question;

    do I support the thugs? no.

    do I like Romanians? yes.

    do I like Roma? generally, no.

    Would I want Roma to follow their ways in my town? no (it’s bad enough with the bloody Tinkers we do have),

    Would I insult or abuse the Roma? no.

    The thugs are wrong. The Government is also wrong for allowing the conditions for this sort of bloody circus in the first place.
  12. I seem to recall that in much of Eastern Europe Roma and Sinti people were deliberately excluded from schools and denied basic services that everyone else took for granted. There was a very good report on Newsnight a few years ago on the plight of Hungarian Roma and the appauling treatment that was meted out to them at national and local level. It is perhaps historic mistreatment that has created the current situation whereby this historically persecuted group is unable to find work through the deliberate denial of an education. In order to tackle anti-social behaviour that may result from these policies one needs to address these institutional problems and seek to ameliorate the situation. Continued persecution in the name of removing so-called asocials, is not the solution, but the cause of the problem.
  13. Cause and Effect eh thingy?

    As you allude to, it's easy to judge peoples actions with looking deeper into the reasons for those actions. Two sides to every story n all that.
  14. The truth about these 'poor targets of racist abuse' is really quite simple…

    They are a large group of extended families who make their living claiming benefits, begging and standing around the city center saying 'Beeg eeshu, beeg eeshu'. THat, and the fact that anything not bolted down in the area was being pinched to sell for scrap.
  15. Are these the same crowd who lived on the roundabout down south? who had a early morning call from workers "Feck off home you lazy bastards"

    I was amused when I read about the travellers being given four million by Dublin council to move out of a lane they had occupied for a few years it being needed for future development, of course when the extended family which in the case of travellers is thousands found out they all headed for that there lane. The working population of Dublin are not happy at all!!
  16. That's the way of it; at first you are a violent rebel, a murderer, a terrorist. Then fraction by fraction you become a fine upstanding liberal politician.
    It's the same the world over.

  17. Same scum, just some different faces…

    Being as how Irelands benefit system is no longer a soft touch for them, they all suddenly decided that being an 'economic migrant,' (Translation: Unemployable, thieving parasite scum), in NI was a better paying option…
  18. Pikeys, **** the lot of them.

    Same scum, just some different faces.... don't you mean faeces

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