Two ensigns.

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by smeeg, Jun 22, 2010.

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  1. Please excuse my ignorance, but this has been stirring curiosity in my muddled brain for a while now, but why are two ensigns occasionally flown from the main mast on shore est?
  2. Where have you see this? Can you remember precisely where on the mast they were?

    I can't answer but it is one to ponder.
  3. At Culdrose, and at sultan. I believe it may be something to do with the deaths of Royals in afghanistan.. One is in the usual position, and the other fly's lower and to the side on the cross beam bit ( Wafu? Me? Never... :lol: )
  4. Dress ship overall????

    Can't say as I ever saw it. Mind you with me that means little.
    I remember the day I discovered limers, I fell over the milk churn in the JRDH. The rest of the ships company had been walking around it for weeks. :roll: :D
  5. You sure they're ensigns smeeg?

    Don't forget there may be a 'senior officer' type thing as well - the one with the balls on. There's actually an 'armed forces week' flag flying at Raleigh at the moment which is a bit ensignish.

    Apologies if I'm insulting your intelligence and misunderstanding, but I'm a not a bunting tosser!
  6. must....resist....can'
  7. Naughty Ballistic, stop it :D :roll:
  8. 's alright Rumrat.

    I kill him later :twisted:
  9. Nope, most defiantly ensigns, The senior occifer ones fly from the very top of the mast and aint' ensigns 8)

    Ah well. May have to give up this particular quest for knowledge and pursue another. Like why the crabs are allowed to hold armed forces day marches...
  10. Are they both flown close up, i.e. one at the top of the gaff and the other at the top of the stbd yardarm? Or are you saying the one at the yardarm is flown at the dip, i.e. not close up?
  11. Fair point.

    I've had a former crab in my office today regaling us all with stories of 'the day he got pissed'.

    He was late for work and his boss was miffed.

    Mental stuff.
  12. Thats what its called... nope, was close up
  13. Ah-ha! Someone else who hand-balled urns down ladders etc. and ended up covered in milk

    Not sure if I'm more surprised at you walking into it, or the fact that the urn was still in use weeks later..?!

    As for OP Q, I'm going to refer to 'the book' when I get my FA out of this settee...
  14. Probably dress ship for the Queen's birthday etc. The additional ensign was probably flown at the yardarm instead of the masthead because of the presence of an admiral's flag.
  15. Was there a punch up at the bop?, it might have been a battle ensign.
  16. Dress ship would be the reason.

    Gaff = Daily ensign (hangs 45deg off the backside of the mast)
    Stbd Outer Yardarm = Second Ensign
    Mast head= full/r/v admiral or commodore flag/pennant.

    Certain it is dress ship, but the seniority of hoists may be slightly out. Not much call for seniority of hoists on a mast in the IT world :? so the memory has started to fade from all the good stuff a CY needed to know :oops:

    ex-CY (6 years out and counting)
  17. It was the Queens birthday the other week :eek:ccasion6: :eek:ccasion5:

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