Two Drug Smugglers Hanged In Singapore

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Seadog, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator


    Good. They can't say they weren't warned. Printed large on the landing cards given out on the plane words to the effect: the penalty for importing drugs into Singapore is death.

    Seems fair.

    Africans stand out like a greyhound's bollocks in Singapore. What were they thinking?
  2. We get shit loads of these idiots here in Thailand too, of all the places you don't want to end up in gaol, all the films and books on the subject and still they come. No sympathy at all, NONE!
    Nigerian drug dealers are a curse here too, and like Seadog said, stand out big time, there aren't many blacks here so they are easily pinged.
    Dross, hang em all, druggy filth.
  3. Why don't we have the same laws here?
    I for one would love to see the drug culture disappear.
    Instead the idiots in power come up with this suggestion

    Shopping voucher plan for addicts

    No wonder more hard working taxpayers are leaving the UK to live abroad
  4. When I worked in Thailand the policy at the airport was to Xray all Nigerians leaving the country. They knew this and still thy tried to smuggle.
  5. Good riddance to filth , I'd hang the lot of them , no sympathy at all ,
  6. Happy to accept the return of the death penalty in UK for many offences, but not all Nigerians are as thick as shit, any more than all ex-RN personnel!
  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Someone's posts deleted. Stick to the subject, which isn't the relative intelligence of Nigerians. However these two were particularly stupid.
  8. Sorry Mum :oops:
  9. Does Malaysia have the same punishment Seadog?.. I seem to remember a brit suffering the same fate a few years ago.
  10. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei all have the death penalty for drug smuggling. The penalties are clearly displayed an large signed throughout the airport in Thailand and Brunei.
  11. Cheers Slim
  12. The wording states your govt will not help you death to all drug smugglers.

    And as mentioned here you get shopping vouchers. I think I may start being a drug user so the British Govt can give me shopping vouchers.
  13. Lingyai

    Stop being shy and tell us what you really think. Anyway, I'm sure the Nigerians are no worse than the other West African non-reflectives.

    I was only thinking of Singers and Lee Kuan Yew's legacy the other day, as I walked past the paper shop. The pavement there should last forever as it is under a considerable layer of gashed chewing gum. Trod it on to my hall carpet once and the death penalty was certainly foremost in my mind.

    I think drugs should be free for life, so long as the lifetime supply is consumed on the premises and all in the same day.
  14. In the 60's there were very few heroin users in Britain. However, you could go to the doctors and register as a heroin addict. You would then be prescribed diamorphine (ie. heroin).

    It was clean, under control and smackheads didn't have to go out robbing for their habit.

    Would this work today? We could buy the opium paste of the Afghans. This would get them on our side and not with the Taliban. Buying opium of them would probably work out cheaper than fighting them all the time.

    Downside is, all our workshy chav types would be all smacked out of their heads on cheap legal safe smack rather than working. Might stop them robbing though.
  15. wish we did have severe laws over here - the bloke (use that word loosely) who murdered my dad got 4 poxy years, and was out after 18 months- complete SHITE!!!!!! IMHO x
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I know it is a sweeping statement, but we as a population only have ourselves to blame - we elect the Government who introduce these laws. As discussed on other threads, we collectively have the power within our hands to make our views heard, but I believe that it will take some time for the current political apathy to disappear... :shock:
  17. Unfortunately Sgt P we elect people to represent us and our views, but once elected they represent their parties views and their own views. I believe that given a referendum the death penalty would be back on the statute books. I would vote for, my wife against, however from recent polls on the subject the majority would vote for.
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    But would those who vote for actually wish to pull the switch or rope themselves? I doubt it, after the uproar about Saddam Hussein's execution recently...
  19. When the Death Penalty was abolished , we were assured that, "Life", would mean "Life", heigh ho.
  20. And in this country our heroin users in effect send money to the Taleban, who use it to buy bullets to shoot Royal Marines. And we offer our heroin addicts sympathy rather than what they deserve.

    Don't go after the dealers, it is hard and takes a lot of effort. Go after the users and destroy the trade at the grass roots.

    But that would never happen as it would mean putting them into prison...

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