Twenty Years Ago Today: HMS Gloucester Shoots Down Missiles Aimed At USS Missouri

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. National Museum of the Royal Navy

    "‎25th Feb 1991: As part of the international coalition forces during the Persian Gulf War, HMS Gloucester destroyed Iraqi Silkworm missiles aimed at USS Missouri. Silkworm missiles were fired from an Iraqi shore position. The first landed in the water without effect; HMS Gloucester fired two of her Sea Dart missiles at the second one, destroying it in the sky with only seconds to spare."
  2. Good to remember that when the Septics are in the shit....the Brits are able to dig em out of it :)

    Good link that. Really need to get round to seeing the RN museum
  3. Who's birds?
    Your birds Sir.....

  4. You beat me to it!
  5. Still the only combat shoot-down of an ASM I think. And he has retired......
  6. You could be right on the first point - Sea Dart did the business when it was needed, and it wasn't an easy shot. Well done to the AAWO who had the balls to order the engagement in the post-Vincennes (sp?) era. No debate required from me on your second.
  7. And pity the MCMV that was over-flown by the in-bound bulldog...
  8. there?

    Pourquoi? What happened there?
  9. Top of my head: the silkworm was doing its thing, obviously the small ships were well up threat, and one of them put the warning on AAWC to allow GLOU to take the shot.
  10. Thnx AtG. My Armilla deployment in '87 had us all guessing where the Silkworm's were along the Iranian side of the Straits of Hormuz.

    IIRC to the jungle telegraph in the Canteen Flat, Gloucester fired her Darts without broadcasting it - presumably on AAWC.

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