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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wompingwillow, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. so some bloke has made it to the back of the 20 pound note without anyone actually knowing a thing about him

    virgin money held a poll and Winston Churchill came top

    what would be the RR choice to go on the back of a£20?!
  2. Kathy West in Lovats please. :mrgreen:
  3. fair play to the virgin money spokesman who said he was unsurprised Diana princess of the sheep shaggers came 3rd as after 10 years of constant news paper articles desipite the fact she is dead, people might be getting a tad bored of her!
  4. Well ... Adam Smith isn't exactly an unknown ... the founding father of the theory of economics is reasonably familiar to most people who are involved in any way in education, politics and finance. People from the Institute namd after him are always being dragged on to the radio to give their two penn'orth. I'm not so sure about TV as I've largely given up watching TV news because of the waffle.

    Bit too much of a free-marketeer for my personal taste but undoubtedly important. Arguably better known in intellectual circles abroad to a degree as overall economics* isn't that popular a subject in this country.

    Wikipedia has this rather sweet quote about him from one of his students:
    "an eccentric but benevolent intellectual, comically absent minded, with peculiar habits of speech and gait and a smile of 'inexpressible benignity' "

    Lived with his Mum too apparently, so that's nice.

    *no jokes about economics of those in overalls please guys :lol:
  5. To be honest, I'm glad the public wasn't asked to vote on this. I can just see it now:

    Wayne Rooney on the £10
    Diana on the £20
    Jordan on the £50

  6. What on Earth is a Scotsman doing on a Bank of England note in the first place?
    I'd rather they put Fletcher Christian on it. At least he stood up for something
  7. As the Bank of England is the reserve bank of the UNITED KINGDOM something dear to all why should not a citizen of one of the cnstitient countries be n one of it's notes.
  8. Wayne Rooney's head would be too big to fit on a banknote :twisted:
    As would Jordans plastic boobs and I am getting fed up with hearing about Diana. :roll:
  9. oh here we go.

    How about putting said Scot on one of those nice SCOTTISH notes issued by those nice SCOTTISH banks up in that there lovely SCOTLAND that you struggle to bloody well get rid of every time you come back to ENGLAND?
    Its the Bank of England, not the Bank of UK. Scots make their own notes.
    Funny how this has happened after all the hoo-haa about breaking up the union.

    And very presumptious of you to declare that the UK is dear to all. WRONG
  10. You must not forget that most of the senior government posts are held by Scotsmen :cool:
  11. Whatever your paranoid xenophibia says the Bank of England still is the reserve bank of the United Kingdom, that is it's constitutional position.

    PS did you know the Bank of England was set up by a Scotsman specially imported to do the job as there was no one in England capable of doing it.
  12. oh it hadn't escaped my notice SB. This forced "love-in" as a union has a lot to do with Broon wanting to be PM (the first Scottish one?) in my opinion.

    PS: Maxi, call me whatever you want i'm past caring what you say. Hope you have a happy existance whoever you are annoying in the future.

    How do you know there wasn't anyone in England capable, were you there?
    I'm suprised
  13. Would there be room enough on the back of the £50 Note for all of Jordan ??
  14. The face on the new note should have been that of Robert Maxwell, just to remind us of this whiter than white non sleaze government.
  15. Scots have made it to No 10 before, the most recent was Home.

    If there had been some one in England to do the job why did they bother head hunting a Scot.
  16. On a serious note (no pun :wink: ) hadn't Mr Salmond recently decided that when he gets in power (on devolution from the Union), he will use the Pound for while and then convert to the Euro ?
    In which case, what's the point of changing the note - Oh yes. it is to stop forgery isn't it......... !?
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The English didn't head hunt a scot, he's being forced upon us. Liebour lost the vote in England, the Scots and welsh put liebour in power. Thats why there cacking themselves over Salmon and the SNP, who incidentelly I wish the best of luck in the forth coming elections.
  18. Considering the wish of the Government to be good Eurpoeans, be thankful it's not Napoleon or Bismark or to appease the Green party - Jonathan Porritt.
  19. That was reference to the chap who founded the Bank of England, not Broon frae Kirkaldy
  20. The Scotish are taking over the Goverment...........

    so they already have control of the money

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