Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Stirling, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Never trust anyone in any position of power who has eyebrows like that- shifty and shocking! I see why people are getting annoyed, someone gave up a portion of their wage to bump her income to £15,000 a year doing a pointless job which will yield no results anyway, and she doesn't have the sense to make her twitter private seeing as though she feels the need to splurge a load of disgusting crap. Rookie error, and she is under 18 so shouldn't be admitting to drinking (everyone does underage, but she is supposed to assist the police by reaching out to the yoff of today, what kind of message is she sending).
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  2. Hope shes loses the non-job the fat ugly munter. Thinking the crying on camera will make the public feel sorry for her.

    Case in point Mr Darling, I have never really trusted anyone who's hair doesn't match their eye brows.
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  3. ...tis the generation brought up on 'reality' TV.......innit ! she's probably expecting Philip Schofield will give out an 09 number .....the phone lines are open ...NOW...

    me ! reality TV....nah...never !
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  4. The girl should not have been given the position in the first place! It must have been thought up by some trendy types who dont know the consequences of their decisions.
  5. What!!!

    She's a 'youth' who better for a 'Youth Commissioner' Just glad she was found out so soon into her reign!!!!!
  6. Sad thing is i bet alot of what she wrote was to be 'cool'. I see what they are thinking, that having a yoff on the streets they can build bridges. Shows how out of touch the bigwigs are with real life, although kudos for trying i guess- glad she has gone though, would have lost all credibility anyway.
  7. If she was the pick of the bunch after interviews it gives us some idea of the standard of candidate.
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  8. Her eyebrows hypnotised them into giving her the position. I actually cannot get over the state of them.
  9. Fixed that one for you Stirl.


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