TV teen drama actress joins Navy - BBC News website

Thanks for the phot i actually remember her now if im right she had quite a filthy sounding voice and yes i did find her srangely attractive but then i'm not to fussy.
why were all the wrens ratts when i joined up.


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finknottle said:
She should be handy for the 'sods opera' that's if they still have them?
Ah, the mysteries of the modern navy. One day we might let you into our secrets. :roll:

Good on her & good luck.
NotmeChief said:
tomleecee said:
Don't know if anyone else has seen this -

"An actress who played Suzanne "Sooz" Lee in the Channel 4 teen drama As If has signed up to join the Royal Navy."

She's swapped Hollywood for the life of a Seaman Spec!
Yes we have seen it and so would you have if you look through the board before posting a duplicate subject.
Christ - I do apologise for committing such a heinous crime. I only come on here occasionally so didn't see it posted before.

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