TV prog. HMS Ark Royal. Bagde question.


Having watched an episode of HMS Ark Royal on the discovery channel (11/06/2012), i saw a female wearing what appeared to be a set of British Military Parachute Wings. Can anyone explain?

Ive found the show on youtube 'HMS Ark Royal - Episode 8/9'
HMS Ark Royal - Episode 8/9 - YouTube
On this particular link it can be found at 41:43.


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Not sure what the problem is 316? The female wasn't good looking enough? The wings were on the small side? She didn't appear to have a big enough set of bollocks? If she's jumping out of aeroplanes with a bag on her bag frankly her balls are substantially larger than mine! Sod that for a job.


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Having watched the video it is obvious that she is the Assistant Captain of the Heads. The wings denote the fact that she is a "winger" to the Captain of the Heads. Prior to the sexual discrimination act she would have been entitled to wear the Flying Fid.