TV nutritionist to drop 'Dr' title

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by slim, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. She should exam my bowel movements after a few
    "REAL GUINNESS" and a takeaway :twisted: . Must come under the title N.B.C. discharge.
  2. Dr or not; marks out of 2, I would give her 1 !
  3. A distance learning PhD in Holistic Nutrition from "The American Holistic College of Nutrition"!

    Must have taken at least a week to get that one. Including postage. :roll:
  4. It always makes me laugh when people study to get a degree and then some celebrity gets given an honorary doctorate from the Uni, if that was me I would be pretty annoyed.
  5. So are you going to return your BA(Hon) in Singha & Bar fines awarded by the University of Nana Plaza Playskool campus? :smile:
  6. Nah, that was not (hon), I bloody earned that, oh how I miss those whore mongering days now that I am a respectable chap :evil: :lol: :evil: :lol:
  7. Oh lovely Lingyai
    I recognise the four professors I believe the one top left taught maths, her explanation of the number 69 was superb. Top right was in charge of gymnastics, what she couldn't do with a pole wasn't worth seeing. Bottom left is the French teacher. Please remind me what the bottom right professor does. :smile:

  8. That's an interesing point. I always felt the same and couldn't understand the purpose of them. There was an interesting prog on R4 a few months ago where it came out that it's a way of publicising the Uni and linking the Uni with prestigious people. Trouble is that celebs/royalty don't want degrees from crap Universities so the 2nd rate places have to give them to the sort of people who are invited to participate in Celebrity Big Brother, and so on down the line ... :lol:

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