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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Grog_Rat, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. These robbing gits have really boiled my piss this week.

    They have sent a letter to Collingrad telling us that they have picked up somebody using a TV without a license and said that if it happens again we get a £1000 fine, but thats not the best bit, everyone in the mess gets fined £1000 each, so in my case thats £8000 and seven very pissed off oppos.

    I dont even watch TV on it I use it for DVDs and PS3. So Ive had to shell out £139 for a TV license for the last 10 weeks of my course.

  2. "The idea of a tax on the ownership of a television belongs in the 1950's.Why not tax people for owning a washing machine to fund the manufactures of Persil?"

    Jeremy Paxman, James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture - Aug 24th 2007

    It's their political bias that upsets me most, funded by a compulsary tax on the British public.
  3. daylight robbery :toilet:
  4. i dont remember needing to have a license while in base. hmm what the hell where they doing hanging round collingrad ? got nothing better to do i spose'
  5. Supposition. Who said it was you that was watching, why have they picked on you personally or has everyone had to buy a license ??

    A License is only required for the reception of LIVE television transmissions and not for watching DVDs or playing with Xbox or PS3.

    Do you use a crt or flat screen lcd tv ?

    You can get a refund of all complete months just like road tax.
  6. Why not leave the mob and become an MP. That way you can get your TV license paid for by the tax payers........ because it seems that they can claim it back for a second home, but someone in the forces that lives onboard away from his or her family has to pay twice...... :rambo:
  7. "A License is only required for the reception of LIVE television transmissions and not for watching DVDs or playing with Xbox or PS3."

    I think you'll find that the licence is required for any equipment capable of receiving transmissions, so the fact you only use it for watching dvd's and games consoles doesn't exempt you from it. If I am correct it means that even if you use your laptop with a Digital TV receiver attached to it you are required to have a licence.

    Happy to be corrected if this is not the case.......
  8. just got this from the tv licensing site

    "You need a TV Licence to use any television receiving equipment such as a TV set, digital box, DVD or video recorder, PC, laptop or mobile phone to watch or record television programmes as they're being shown on TV.

    If you use a digital box with a hi-fi system or another device that can only be used to produce sounds and can't display TV programmes, and you don't install or use any other TV receiving equipment, you don't need a TV Licence."
  9. In a sense you are right, but to be capable your screen does have to be connected to something that can relay the signals so for a TV that means they need to show you had an aerial, or for your laptop you had a suitable internet connection.
  10. The licence is only require for the reception of LIVE broadcasts. That obviously includes recording on a video or dvd recorder with a receiver in it, or using a computer with a television card installed, as you are then receiving LIVE broadcasts.

    The licence is not for using the equipment, but for receiving live broadcasts. You can have as many receivers as you want as long as you don't receive live transmissions.

    You can watch streamed television on your computer of yesterdays programmes and dvd or video recordings of television, without a licence as long as they are not live transmissions.
  11. For the price of the licence fee you could have bought a 17" LCD monitor and the required connecting lead.
    Better picture and no licence required.
  12. To be capable, you only have to have the equipment. It doesn't even need to be connected for you to be capable of receiving live transmissions. Don't forget that these days it is up to the accused to prove his/her innocence!
    It comes down to the owners word against the corporations i'm afraid.

    Armed Forces bit of the TV licence website :)
  13. I have a couple of ideas on how to to decrease your expenditure on a TV license:

    1.Insert knitting needles into both eyeballs as if you are blind you are entitled to a 50% reduction in the fee!

    2. Simply arm yourself with a DeLorean and time travel to the future, ensure you arrive when you are 74 years of age you will pay absolutely no fee! Unfortunately your loss of faculties at this age might preclude you from enjoying this form of entertainment anyway.

    3. Kill the licence inspector when he hands you your £1000 fine and then you will be entitled to free TV viewing for the rest of your life along with all the others detained at Her Majesty's pleasure.

    Have a nice day
  14. Or wait until you're over 75 - you'll get it free then !!

    Don't be so b****y mean you lot - how do you expect Wossie, and the Barnsley Bore to exist on less than £8m contracts ?

  15. And many magistrates are willing to accept the owners word, the licence bullies do have to show that you have been using the capability, not just that you have a reciever. In general they find it easy enough to catch the numties sitting watching the TV when the inspector calls to not bother too much about the more difficult customers, if you genuinely don't watch TV they will not catch you watching it and will find it difficult to secure a conviction, of course they will not tell you that in the hope that their scare tactics will cause you to pay up anyway.
  16. Sounds depressingly familiar. Had a call from the Licence Lovelies whilst I was on holiday, therefore not best pleased.

    Extension of licencing policies nothing more than a bid to cash in on the growing rate of DVD viewing compared to TV channels. The licence bodies know that the standard of TV is shite compared to own viewing and I guess some turkey cooked up new options for theft .

    Consider it another stealth tax.Another aspect of life in this country filed in the box labelled, 'All To Bloody Cock'.

    Armed force personnel should be exempt from licence unless stationed at home for more than three months at a time, in my opinion.
  17. I used to work from caravans as it saved quite a lot on accomodation costs.
    I had one on a site in Aberdeen, another in Edinburgh and a third in Lee on Solent. I'd use them during the weeks when I was working away and had a licence for my home in the Lake District.
    On day when I returned to Aberdeen I found a notice on my caravan door telling me they had seen the TV through the window and had no evidence of it being licenced. They would be prosecuting me unless I could provide evidence of the set being licenced.
    I replied that I had a licence for my home in the lakes and that as I lived alone I was quite prepared for them to have the expense of transfrerring the licence between all 4 sites each week if they insisted.
    I heard no more from them
  18. Are you saying you were on holiday watching dvd and got connned into buying a licence ?
  19. Seems fair to me I have to buy one, so why should you be an exception?

  20. BINGO!!!!! They rely on scare tactics to bully people into buying a licence.

    Their usual trick with a block of flats it to send a letter to everyone saying 'we know you haven't got a licence… blah, blah' and bluff most people into paying up,

    As Maxi points out, unless they actually catch you red handed they are usually onto a hiding to nothing with a Magistrate and rarely push the issue.

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