TV documentry to be aired against the Prince's will

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jenny_Dabber, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. I was watching 'EuroNews' this morning and there was a piece on 'Princess Diana' and how a UK network (I think Ch4) is airing a documentry on her final moments tonight. Prince William and Harry are extremely upset over this (rightly so) and have tried to have this blocked from being aired. But the network producers have said a big fat NO to it!

    Out of respect, for her 2 sons and people who cared, can reporters and such not leave this poor lady to rest?

    If there isn't anything to gain from this being aired, then why do it? If there was any cover ups, then in another 20yrs, the documents will become public property, therefore, if people are that desperate to intervene, then do it then!

    Sorry, I tried finding the link on EuroNews but couldn't
  2. I fully agree with Jenny. This is sensational journalism at its very worst, and will surely only appeal to those with a morbid curiosity about fatal accidents. I can imagine the audience being made up of those people who would chase an ambulance in the hope of arriving a some gruesome scene. If channel 4 have refused to ban the screening, it's up to the viewers to vote on their decision by switching channels!

    I'm sure that, should the screening go ahead, this will long be remembered in the house of Windsor, and when channel 4 want to access William or Harry in the future, they will have no chance!
  3. There is always going to be a fascination about beautiful people who die early. Marilyn Monroe and James Dean spring to mind.
  4. In the good old days, the Royal Family could have quietly made this go away.

    Oh what a wonderful country we live in, and defend.
  5. I think its a disgrace. The excuse for airing it being "because its in the public interest". Hows that then? When all is said and done, this is someones mother/daughter/sister/etc... who died tragically, and whos sons and family should not have to put up with Tv programs splashing her final moments in front of millions time and time again.
  6. I won't be watching the program, however in this country we do have freedom of speech and information. It would seem that the television company have a legal right to broadcast the program.
    I would expect the audience watching will consist of the same morons who watch Big Brother and I'm a celebrity.
  7. The things they weill do to beat the appretance in the ratings sad really ( and yes I know this emote has little to do with it, I was trying to find a yawning one as the whole thing bores me but thought this one was cool) :violent3:
  8. Sensational journalism is the word!!

    Or is that gutter trash Journies!

    Boy! Oh Boy! Wonder how many are trying to dig the dirt on Cliff Richards and others. It must be heartbreaking when they find nothing.

    At one time tv pgms and newspapers used to show the news now they go out and make the news.

    I have no time for the "ROYALS" especially Prince Thicklip. Who has never worked and shows nothing but utter contempt for the lower classes that also means his kids. No wonder they all got divorced they have never been shown love if you are not shown it you cannot give it back.

    He was to busy travelling the world trying to make the tiger extinct. Now the poor soul can't even enjoy tearing foxes and deer apart. When everybody else is in work!! Unless you are on the Royal Estates and out of sight and out of mind.

    Princess Diana was against hunting and never fitted into the mould of the "ROYALS" due to there love of blood sports.
  9. Totally agree... All points well made. Apart from the fact that Princess Di isn't shown at all in the film.
  10. "I have no time for the "ROYALS" especially Prince Thicklip. Who has never worked"
    Would that be the same prince phillip who served with distinction throughout the second world war in some very nasty battles indeed and who was tipped to become First sea Lord before his wife became queen?
  11. Here, here TF110 - Backpacker1uk has chosen the wrong Royal to criticise!

    Obviously another one of these people who don't actually understand the Royalty and what they do. Sad, really - to deny your country's heritage because of ignorance.
  12. A figurehead for the have's are the Royals!!!

    Over to the Royals fan club! :w00t:

    Catch you in two weeks time I am away to the mountains to meditate!!
  13. Simple answer is to pull their licence - problem solved.
  14. Don't EVER disrespect Her Majesty!!!

    Her Majesty has given a life-long service to this country from a very young age.

    If you have a problem with who you are serving in the Royal Navy, it should be bitterness of defending chavs, illegal immigrants, etc but not our Gracious Queen! :threaten:
  15. Being a journalist (and not a sensationalist one at that...), I have a slightly different view from many on this.

    There has been considerable media hype on this - the Mail and the Express being the worst offenders for whipping up people. 17 people had registered complaints about the programme as of this morning with OfCom... quite impressive considering they hadn't actually seen it...

    And it's not ok to show scenes from this crash, but images and footage of other crashes, murders, Saddam's hanging etc are ok. I'm sorry, but that just smacks of hypocrisy. One rule for one, one rule for another...

    I don't want to see images of dead people, blood etc, plastered over my tv screens, but I find all this judgment of a programme before it's even aired to be the worst kind of "thought police" agenda...
  16. Wasn’t Prince Phillip from the Greek blood line? Just for a quick change of subject!
    As for the queen, she was in WW2, vehicle Mechanic, if I am not mistaken and at a very young age had to replace her father on the thrown and face a very big and adult role that she was practically thrown into.

    Prince William and Harry have to re-live their mother’s deaths on a monthly basis in some cases; these poor boys lost a mother during their essential growing years and may explain why Harry went off the rails a bit. Diana, she may not have thought out all of her actions but she was an angel in many cases. Not using her fame for money grabbing antics like some of these pop and soap stars we get, she was out there putting causes right and trying to change things for the better. What Royal family member has achieved what she did out in 3rd world states? I am sure, CPB’s wouldn’t ever dare think of going near a dying child in Africa!
  17. I for one have a liking for Phil the Greek, like Boris Johnson he speaks his mind, also like Boris he forgets about some not liking what he says. Both he and Big Liz have served the people of Britain and the commonwealth admirably, and though now in her 80s the Queen still carries out a large number of public functions.
    For the Royal Knockers, it is interesting to note that many other countries envy the fact that the UK still has a royal family. Indeed Spain which deposed their Royal family under Franco reinstated them (also under Franco I believe).
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    "Not using her fame for money grabbing antics like some of these pop and soap stars we get,"

    Oh come on Jenny, you can't honestly believe that can you, look at the outrageous divorce demands she wanted, learjet, xx millions etc, she was a skillful manipulatur of the press, threw it around abit, Hewitt, Carling etc. She was alot of things, some good some bad. She wasn't in my opinion an angel.
  19. While you may not agree with the programme being shown, there is little that can be done unless OFCOM step in or Ch4 show a level of respect & decency (STOP LAUGHING) and with draw the programme then the only choice is not to watch.

    Alternativly why not hire a film crew to document the Ch4 bosses daily life, film through the windows at home etc.... see how long it takes for him and his family to get p'd off and complain about invasion of privacy....
  20. And Prince Charles going behind Diana's back with CPB's even before they were married, wouldn't have an affect on Diana. Let's face it, the Royal's had no respect for her in life, did she have a leg to stand on and I think she was in her own right to demand those in their divorce settlement :dwarf:

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