Turning towards being a paratrooper

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Chicogiz, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. I need help. Not in that way lol. Well does anyone think i should join the Marines at 16? is this to hard at this age? Well thats why im turning towards becomeing a para. I can join army foundation collage, which will get me fitter, where as if i wait till im 18 to be a marine my mum is going to say what am i doining sitting here. Anyway a marine would be a better choice as i would be on ships some times and thats what i like, also i would be a soilder and thats a other role. If i joined the marines that does both roles where as if i joined the paras that does one.

    Can anyone help?

    Many Thanks
    Chicogiz (Luke)

    PS: Mastermind, my teacher got to the next round.
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm... confused again? You've asked these questions time and time again and yet you still cannot make up your mind. So perhaps you should return to McDonalds - there's nothing more we can do here... 8O :roll:
  4. Chico, How many times are you going to do this? Start taking resonsibility for yourself. You have choices. Make them.

    You again asked me for help two weeks ago but you never acknowledge my returned messages nor replied to them. I take it you have done sod all about the 'Public Service' course for school students wishing to join the Forces? Just for a change, make your mind up about what you want to do then come back and tell us how well you did.

  5. Well this is my last post on this site. Also harry i applied to a college. Well everyone this site is going down. Im not gonna argue but on other sites like arrse and prmc you get much more respect.

    Cheers harry.

    Bi everyone
  6. At least he's thick enough to become a RM...

    I'll get me coat. :eye: ;P
  7. You've been ripped to shreds on ARRSSE for exactly this type of behaviour.
    Can I be a Para, who's best Paras or Marines, I wanna be a Submariner this week any tips, etc etc Ad Infinitum.
    I wish you good luck, but won't be holding my breath to hear that you've done owt.
  8. He is only 16 right? Pretty much most teens are undecided at that age today, unsure of what they want, (I've raised two, so I know and one is still living at home)apprehensive......changing their minds like nuns change their habits....

    He's a "kid" ffs.....cut him some slack....[​IMG]
  9. Sod off Im 16 and im joining the navy, I know other people that are joining the forces at 16. Uncle joined at 16. My grandfather joined at 14.
  10. Lol...bully for you then.... :thumright:
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I went threw the join up routine when I was your age Chico. Might have been slightly easier because the marines and the army had seperate offices so there wasn't the embarasment of publicly playing one off against the other.

    I went for both, did the PRC and the army selection equivelant. The Army offered me a place first, as a junior leader in the Parachute regt, I cant remember 100% where but I think it was where the woodentops train. Pirbright.

    I was also offered a place as a junior marine, none of this trainee leader or adventure training bullshite, you had to join and immidiately do the full on recruit training.

    I decided green suited my eye colour best.
  12. What a load of bollocks, Chico your cnut, get it sorted ASAP as i can barely contain my need to tell you to fcuk off!!
  13. I am fifty eight and I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up!!
  14. Chico - join hands - it's safer and you won't embarass yourself..................
  15. Nice one Royal. How about your International Mountain Guides ticket??
  16. chico if you ever join the army and i find out who you are .....we are going to play 'prison rules mummy n daddy',f**king hate kids who talk S**T

  17. My mate just quit the AFC, said it was really really boring and they only do 2 PT sessions a WEEK. So you won't get that fit. Just make your mind up mate, you'll be happier if you do.
  18. I do hope you are not one of those bully types my man. I do hate a bully!

    Kids always talk shite! If you had kids you would understand! One has to sit and talk to the children and point them in the right direction and stop them wandering in the wilderness.

    Leave Chico alone he has been adopted by many like the ships cat!!
  19. its not bullying !! train hard fight easy....etc too many weak soldiers in my regt already
  20. We all know that "MARCH OR DIE" is another one.

    Chico brightens up a dull day especially his advice on his training schedule for future recruits. Stop training and seek medical help, Eat plenty of bananas. Now what else???

    A riddle who am I??

    Out of the eater came forth food,
    And out of the strong came forth sweetness (Judges 14:14).

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