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This question is probably better answered by a writer but i will throw it out to the crowd, i have been advised unofficially that anyone has the right to refuse promotion and or a course, this is apparently in BR3.
I have found a passage alluding to turning down a promotion but can find nothing anywhere that entitles me to turn down a course, I am certainly not starting a mutiny but have genuine reasons for not wanting to attend a course which will ultimately lead me down a route i do not wish to be lead. I am a serving submariner CPO who could do with a "heads up" as to where to look if indeed this rule exists. Yours aye . Sharky
I stand by to be corrected, but for most courses you will have an Assignment Order issued in JPA which, as its name suggests, you have to comply with. If you are willing to post which course it is, there are probably different angles, for different types of course.
Perhaps speak to Career Manager? I'm out of date for this sort of stuff, and doing what I mock others for by advising something I am not 100% certain about, but as things were some two years ago that would have been my course of action. Hope you get it sorted.
Sharky, sorry - I don't know enough about SM career progression to comment. If it is something that is a 'normal' career progression you are probably stuck unless there is a different avenue you can pursue or volunteer for. Best wishes in your quest for a proper answer though, no matter which way it works out.
It would be wreckers course in hms sultan which then allows me to be drafted as a wrecker L, which I most certainly do not want
Just out of interest, why don't you want to go Fwd? I was initially drafted fwd as wrecker L and fought against it but once I got there wild horses wouldn't have got me back aft on to the RP again.


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Tricky. The principles that the Career Managers work to are, in order of priority

1. Needs of the Service
2. The individual's career development and
3. The personal preference

In theory all 3 should align, but we unfortunately don't live in a perfect world.

Whilst the CM has the sanction to put you where the need is greatest, at your stage it would seem to be counter intuitive to have a non volunteer, with all the associated risks attached, and I would be interested to know what your DO makes of this. On the other hand I don't know how desperate the shortage is, and therefore how tightly his hands are tied.

The bottom line would seem to be that there is a requirement and you fit the bill. If you don't wish to accept this, then the obvious option is to leave. This does not make anyone a bad person, and I am a firm believer in not forcing anyone into something they don't wish to do. With the possible exception of fog lookout or the DHP. Of course the plus side to your departure for the CM, is that it creates a gap into which he can promote someone who is prepared to do the course.

Not a simple issue by any means.....
Just out of interest, why don't you want to go Fwd? I was initially drafted fwd as wrecker L and fought against it but once I got there wild horses wouldn't have got me back aft on to the RP again.
Tough call for the OP either way -

Will completion of the course restrict him to either SSNs or SSBNs?

Take him out of a perceived comfort zone? (It gets v. v. dark at black lighting and some of the fwd staff are infamous as phantom gropers don'tcha know? :evil2: :evil4: )

After course completion (then applying for Notice). Are there be hidden benefits in cross-threading for second career options?

What are SWIMBO's thoughts - Will she grin, bear and live with it? Or is she entirely anti?

Slapping his notice in might still require completion of that course; with the Pusser then wringing the last drop of 'Service Requirements' blood before his Tx date - Not to mention the immediate loss of SP SM as it now cunningly revamped as 'Retention' remuneration.

All grist to the OP's mill I'm afraid as there is no simple answer - Not so long ago we had a similar Q posed by a long time acting rate trying to avoid/wriggle out of a Leadership Course (LRLC/POLC??) but he never re-appeared to inform us of the outcome...

I hope that this OP does inform us of how it all pans out, please:

The circumstances and resolution as such cases are valued at RR as 'Case History' for those popping up with similar quandaries in the future.

Ah, but which has the better class of black lighting Gropers :shock: ?
Fortunately never had a bomber but used to get zapped by fwd staff when I was a back aftie, the nice white lights in the tunnel tend to mess your eyes when you get to a black lighting control room, and the single red light in the fwd air lock is of no help at all :neutral:
At the risk of bringing this old chestnut up, the best reference I could find was BR3, Chapter 69 para 6913.Basically a refusal to do the course gets reported to the Career Manager, annontated on your history sheet (which you should have as they've now been mostly withdrawn) and you can be reverted from your confirmed rate (sub para a). The sub para you should be interested in, is sub para c which has a need to have robust and valid reasons for refusal to attend or undertake, otherwise reversion will be likely to occur. I can appreciate that this wouldn't be an answer that anyone would like to hear, but unfortunately it's driving at the needs of the service coming before everything else.

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