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Turn to Starboard


War Hero
There is a link in this company post to Turn to Starboard, something I have never heard of and fairly local ish to where I live

As some may know, as part of our marketing efforts as Collins Aerospace UK BD, we sponsor a number of charities related to our business areas, including defence and veterans sponsorships.

A charity we have just started supporting is called Team Forces – the premier veterans sports charity. The wider Collins Aerospace UK BD team have been sponsoring this group for 5+ years.

As some background, they help to organise the Invictus Games alongside 30+ other major sporting events. You may have heard of Captain Preet Chandi (aka ‘Polar Preet’). A few months ago she walked alone to the south pole unassisted and back – Team Forces were the main organiser of her trip.

As Collins Aerospace is a ‘Gold’ sponsor, we receive marketing opportunities on a few of these events, including expeditions.

As part of our marketing goals, we support a charity through Team Forces called ‘
Turn 2 Starboard, a Falmouth-based charity that supports veterans with both mental and physical injuries from their time in service by running sailing events and ‘challenges’.

One of these challenges is called the Tudor Run; “starting from Pendennis Castle on the headland at Falmouth, the route passes a series of Henry VIII’s great Tudor forts and landmarks before cruising up the River Thames to the iconic Tower of London. After a few days of rest, we’ll welcome a new crew on board for the return voyage to Falmouth. The two teams will comprise up to 50 veterans (25 each way) sailing 400 nautical miles over 14 days.”

We sponsor this already as Collins Aerospace and our logo is on their equipment/flags.

The journey is being completed on a 92-foot heritage ship called ‘Spirit of Falmouth’, alongside a couple of 45-foot yachts.

We have been offered the opportunity to have a day’s sailing trip on these yachts (free of charge) this Sunday for up to 10 people. The voyage is having a refuelling stop in Plymouth before resuming the journey on Monday.

As we’re all members of the Collins Aerospace team here in Plymouth, we’d like to open the invite up to any employees who’d like to attend.

It’d be a great opportunity to represent Collins Aerospace and have an enjoyable day out!

The day will begin at 10:00 this Sunday morning and will finish at 16:00. The day sail will depart from and return to the Mayflower Marina. All you’d need to bring is a packed lunch – all safety equipment etc. will be provided.

If you’re interested, please send me an email as soon as possible confirming that you’d be able to attend.

If we get over 10 people interested, we’ll run a ballot and pick some names out of a hat.
Turn to Starboard have been on Spotlight quite a few times.


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