Turktown; The Big Noise In Hants.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Passed-over_Loggie, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hampshire/7957954.stm


    Rumour has it, it's caused £100K of improvements.

    Must be like Bedenham Pier all over again.

    Seriously; I hope nobody has any long term damage from this. I still have a bit of a soft spot for "Gods Port".
  2. Ah, Gosport!

    A festering boil on the ******** of England. The day after I left school I had my grip in my hand and hot footed it to Pompey Station and escaped. 34 years later I still think it was the best decision of my life.
  3. Anyone know what happened here? (any RR reporters on the scene :) )

    That is some fire for a "scrap yard". News says car fuel tanks were going up, several of them!?! Fire crews had to bug out and relocate....

    Seen similar pics from war zones
  4. It's Frys Car Components that went up.
  5. Not the first time, either. sadly the scrote quotient is rather large in "God's Port (Our Haven)" and the local Yoof occasionally set light to bin stores and this particular Scrappy. I can see this being the death-knell for Car Components, as the yard is very close to homes.

    Gosport was beginning to make progress, but the Lyons Report (moving Service Units out of the South East and into Labour voting areas) has largely put paid to that. Still, when one of the last remaining "bastions" of Service life in Gosport - HMS Dolphin / Fort Blockhouse, becomes yachtie accommodation in years to come and there is a JD Wetherspoon occupying the old Wardroom as a welcome to shipping, it'll tell you all you need to know about Gosport!
  6. You're forgetting Sultan just up the road, which will be gone soon as well
  7. I hadn't forgotten Sultan (I did say "one of") but it doesn't occupy the same piece of ground at the harbour entrance.
  8. I'm well aware of Sultan and Dolphins locations, just wondering if Gosport will become a total ghost town. I can't see industry moving in as it's not easy to get in and out of at the best of times
  9. Is the RA still there?
  10. I think it's shut down now, I'm up there this weekend so I'll have a look. The G & d is still going, as is the Star.
  11. What, you've spent the past 34 years busking on Platform 1? :lol:
  12. Is pneumonia bridge still part of Gosport ??
  13. Perhaps this is the MODs pay back for the council building those blocks of flats to ensure that nuclear boats could never berth in dHaslar Creek.
  14. It's a single track road bridge now (with traffic lights), no more staggering back with that 40 watt street light in the middle of the bridge to light your way and gosports finest waiting in the gloom to roll the unwary submariner (feckin' skate, get 'im) 8O
  15. That picture brought it all back ... looking at the plume of smoke it looks as if it was in my old back garden - used to have a house round the back of The Junction before I saw the light and bugged out and got divorced!

    Remember staggering back over Pheumonia bridge too on the way back to Haslar! Ahhh Happy Daze!!!!
  16. Sadly closed and vandalised - mind you, the old cast ironwork is still there.

    It's a shame that the old place couldn't survive as a pub, but the advent of large screen TVs and Gosport's descent into chavdom didn't help. They think nothing of breaking the old glazed tiles, which are such a rarity these days. Maybe there's an old submariner out there who has made his fortune and could open it as a Deeps Museum annexe?
  17. Ah, well. Another waypoint of my misspent youth gone. :cry:

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