Turkey and the EU

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. It is the Mail, but.


    I for one do not wish to see more foreigners flooding to our shores, we are full up as it is and this would only serve to put a massive strain on our already beleaguered public services.
  2. Valid point Finks.... but I take what Peter Hitchins says with more than a pinch of salt.
  3. I reckon that we need Turkey in the EU just to piss off the krauts. Germany to the Turks is like the UK is to the rest of the world.
    Perhaps once Germany was flooded with Turks they may just see the UKs point of view for a change.
    On a more personal note, it would save me £10 a trip if they were members :p
  4. That's exactly my thought FN. Cameron was gobbing off about migrants in the run up to the election and now he is keen that this poor country should join the EU knowing full well that there will be tens of thousand, if not hundreds of thousand of them economically dumping themselves here.
  5. So, Turkey is not just for Christmas?
  6. With Turkey edging towards closer involvment may help the Jerries decide if they want to remain in the EU or not. Well rumour has it that they are already reprinting the DeutschMark.
  7. Yes but these ones would be voting Conservative when the arrive...
  8. I am more than a little puzzled as to just why Cameron is so eager to have them admitted to the dubious club that is the EU.
  9. Probably because at the present the Turkish government is still secular and is a stop gap for Islamist expansion West...
  10. Well if the do gain entry there will be no stopping them advancing on the UK, along with their religion and politics.
  11. Remember a large part of Kurdistan is in Turkey, so any Kurd would be able to claim Turkish Citizenship. Not sure about the Armenians...............
    looking shakey for my grandkids future. I'm too old for it to have much of an effect.
    By the time they are old enough to worry, the Lefty teachers will have them brainwashed to be good little Yooropeans :dontknow:
  12. Germany is already flooded with Turks, about 2 million of them. They drive the taxis, own most all of the small groceries, and generally do all the gash jobs. The place would fall apart at the seems without them.
  13. That's the price of our heritage then is it ?......£10 a trip.
    And the Germans predicament will be ours as well, we're overrun with Poles and Eastern Europeans so we may as well have the Turks.
    All the bleating I've read on these threads about our defence budget,...

    Oh woe Naval spending cuts,.....oh no there going to reduce our capability, etc etc.
    Why, Churchill predicted years ago that the demise of Britain would be self inflicted and from within. I'll stick with the Churchill theory.

    So lets do a Slim, we'll scrap the Navy Army and RAF, divvy the money and lets all have a great Holiday in ......lets see, ah yes Turkey.
    Fuck the Grand kids.
  14. The Turkish Government is currently run by the AKP an Islamist rooted party - the constitution and therefore republic are secular and is upheld by the judiciary and the military.
    However, the judiciary's and the military's powers to uphold secularism maybe clipped next month - there is a referendum on the 12th of Sept (coincidently the date of 1980 Turkish coup d'état, headed by Chief of the General Staff General Kenan Evren.)
  15. The only reason they are still there or got in, is because they made concessions to the army, otherwise there would have been a take over by the army as they are mostly secular or christian and don't want the hardline crap that comes with Sharia laws..so the Islamist types conceded a few things to keep the peace.

    The army still wields a lot of power, so this referendum may be moot.. :wink:

    Another reason why they may not get is is their propensity for coup's...

  16. Another reason they should not be allowed in is that we have more than enough minging kebab shops, how anyone can eat that swill confounds me.
  17. Because 'we' don't know any better, and keep going back for more.

    Kebabs in north London (lots of Greeks and Turks - why they insist on being next to each other after coming all the way to Britain escapes me) are brilliant . . . they sit you down, you get a free basket of bread with all sorts of dips and they'll serve you the kebab with rice and salad if you're eating in - at no extra charge. Presumably this more like how they do it in Turkey.

    Back to the thread : The EU (as in Brussels) needs Turkey but Turkey is better off without the EU. They don't realise it yet but the Eurocrats just want lots of productive units for their economics, they couldn't give a toss about indigenous cultures. Yes it has some trivial practical benefits but these are just sweeteners. The EU just isn't clever enough to do what it intends to do properly, and we pay for it every day.
  18. Yes, the AK Party did make concessions to stay in power, but they have been elected in twice now, the last time with more than 45% of the vote which is a lot considering the huge number of parties on the ballot sheet there.
    Many see the referendum as a test for next year's general elections. One of the main opposition parties CHP are also testing their new leader Kılıçdaroğlu who has just taken over from Baykal who lead the party for 18 years but was forced out earlier this year after an alleged sex tape with a female party member was released to the media.
    Opinion polls are putting it at a close race with the ballot boxes open at airports and main boarder crossings.
    Keep your eyes peeled for who is the next chief of General Staff, too.
  19. Having just got back from Turkey at 0830 this very day, it would be madness for them to join their whole way of life would have to change.

    No more copies of watches and designer gear, Health and safety, was at Manavagat near Side reading the daily Stun and deciding what trips and outings to go on, so no Paracending or Whitewater Rafting for me or the family.

    (Loads of Russian girls there looking and dressing like models in short skirts/hotpants and 5 or 6" stilletoes with loads of Bling, but by eck they were misrable bitches)

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