Anyone know when HMS TURBULENT actually pulls the flag down please?
I thought it was not until sometime in 2013 - but www sources (e.g.
Twitter) seem to have her down as going out of service in January 2012.
I would like to know, because she was the one I walked off and into the civilian
sunset....after a few months in the Submarine Disposal Group, which was
merely a bunch of floating Portakabins in the basin adjacent the the S.R.C.

Would like to attend the ceremony if possible.

I'm now off work on the sick until I go BACK into hospital to have the knee
what they replaced this summer, re-replaced with a replacement because
the replacement they replaced is a bag of shite.

Two legs and three knee-jobs in less than 4 years. I would really like to
walk again without resembling a 99 year old dodderer, shambling to the
nearest bus stop.




Lantern Swinger
"next summer" is the date given us by the boat; they're planning a decommissioning whisky to mark the occasion. I'll put a story up later this week.
Whisky @ £47.50 (inc.P&P)per bottle. Strewth. It's a good job that it's submariners are the target customers as GS bods could never afford it.
Been up in the loft this morning, to get Xmas decs down and an old cardboard box split open and out slipped a copy of the Turbulent Commissioning book and Order of service.

Just been reading through and looking at the pictures. Did we really look like that? big owl/Dreary Barllow bins, what a sight.

Any one had any luck with ordering a bottle of the Whisky? E-Mailed the address last month but havent had a reply yet.
That's it. They all bimbling up the Mess for a few wets and cucumber sarnies now. Stuck at work wondering where all the years went. Last boat gone. The phrase "When I was on the......." seems to have very little meaning anymore. I can now drive by all the Valiants and T-boats I was ever inside and have probably opened several cans of tinned custard that are a recycled by-product of the P&O's I had the fortune to be associated with over some 20 years of sun dodging.The End.
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