Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist... RIP

Discussion in 'History' started by Always_a_Civvy, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. This is for the discussion of Tugg Wilson the guy who encapsulated and preserved the Jack of yore in his cartoons.

    To begin with I would like to ask if anybody knows if Tugg is still alive and if he can be contacted. My interest is that RR needs someone to draw us a cartoon Rum Rat as our Mascot and I was wondering if we could approach Tugg?
  2. Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    Maybe some from Navy News might know?
  3. Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    I have thought about that, but thought about this route first. If we go through Navy News I think the Bad_CO will need to make the approach.
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    I think I saw that Tugg had "retired" a few years ago; yet NN still print his cartoons and they are relevant to current affairs so his retirement qwas perhaps a little premature.

    My guess is that Tugg would supply his cartoons to the NN as in individual rather than as a staff member (he also did the cartoons for Jack Speak) so I wouldn't have thought that there would be any issues with someone contacting NN informally and asking for a message to be forwarded.
  5. Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    Thanks FlagWagger and to Hig too who has also suggested approaching NN. I have just sent off an email to them seeking Tugg's details and briefly explaining why we wish to make contact. I have copied the email to JD, for information.
  6. Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    Maybe not that his retirement was premature, just that the antics of Jack never changes :wink:
  7. Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    Tugg did this for us chockheads on Invincible

  8. Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    I have just received the following reply...

  9. Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    Good luck fellas
  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    Tugg also does cartoons for the Naval Review of Engineering that relate to the articles. Summer 2006's edition is no exception.

    He'd need to be alive to do that! :roll:
  11. Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    It would help! :wink:
  12. Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    Sadly, after a short illness, Tugg died last weekend in a hospice. We first served together in Victorious in the mid 60's (I was a killick and he was a Lt) and I have many fond memories of him. No more 'Tugg' cartoons alas but his humour will live forever - RIP Tugg.

    In grief,

  13. Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    I've still got mine - but please see my latest post about Tugg's death.


  14. Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    Tugg died last weekend after a short illness - only a few were aware of the details but, suffice to say, Tugg appoached his demise with typical 'Jack' humour.


  15. Re: Tugg Wilson... "Jack" cartoonist...

    Thanks Fido for letting us know. I'm very sorry to hear this. Tugg will be sorely missed by many here. I didn't realise he was an ex-Officer, that's interesting. I have always loved his cartoons of Jack as some of them had me in stitches, so believable were they, and so like various people I know (who to avoid action for liable, I shall not name here!).

    Farewell Tugg.
  16. I too knew Tugg R.I.P Shipmate.
  17. Fido, was Tugg a Vixen pilot on the Vic, 893 sqdn i think, or was that a different Lt. Wooley?
    Sad day, RIP Shipmate, you made me laugh all the way through.
  18. Goodnight Tuggs , RIP , :cry:
  19. Stand Easy

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