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Discussion in 'History' started by Buccaneer, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. Long ago in 1982 I remember buying a cartoon book based on the exploits of the Falklands War - it was jointly published by Tugg and Rick Jolly and sold in aid of the South Atlantic Fund.

    I remember crying with laughing at some of the cartoons, and thought at the time I must put this away for when I need a laugh and it might be worth something for my Grand Children.

    Now 25 years on I came to look for the booklet and can not find it, when I originally brought the money went to the South Atlantic fund, if anyone can provide me with another it warrants another generous donation to this fund.

    Hope some of you like me found the book funny and was proud of our Nation and Forces at this time.
  2. Got Jackspeak it hilarious but the book you refer to was not the book I was thinking off - it was a soft backed book one cartoon per page, from what I remember there was one cartoon about marines with Galitari say what are these Super bootnecks with one behind him point a pistol at his head.

    Had me wetting myself with every picture - as I say if any reader have on they want to get rid of it worth a substantial donation to the SAF.
  3. I have the book but obsviously do not want to part with it. Would you be interested in copy of it if I am able. Obvious copyright rules broken etc. :)
  4. I have the 'Jack' Cartoons from Navy News from 1983 (I must have missed the special Falklands edition) but you might be thinking of another book called 'Smile A While' with Carr Huddart Webb 'The Falklands Task Force Printed at RM Poole by Cpl TA Hannan
    There is a Cartoon with a Huge Royal behind an Argie in which the Argie is saying
    'And our beloved General assures us that these ''superbooties'' are nothing more than Propoganda!.............Men'
    It is only 15 pages long however.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Could you let us have the full title and ISDN number, should be able to find out if its still in pring then :dwarf:

    Another book of the same era was "Kiss me good night Sergeant Major" or something similar, stupidly I lent it to someone and never saw it again.
  6. Janner, the book you mentioned, I think is called "Dont cry for me Sergeant Major", by Jeremy Hands and Robert Mcgowan, ISBN 0-7515-0932-9. Its about the Falklands Conflict.

    I have it and its a great read, very funny at times.

    Its like rocking horse shit to get because I think its out of print. However Amazon have used copies at about £6.

  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thanks thats the one, I'll have a look at Amazon
  8. Others worthy of a mention:
    UP THE FALKLANDS! - Cartoons from the Royal Marines - by WO Roy Carr, C/Sgt Arthur Huddart & Sgt. John R. Webb - ISBN 0-7137-1307-0 - Printed by Blandford Press.

    CARRY ON YOMPING! - More cartoons from 'up The Falklands' - by the same people, also printed by Blandford Press. ISBN 0-7137-1322-4

    Still funny after all these years.

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