TUC Anti Cuts March in London and the unrelated scum

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Mar 26, 2011.

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  1. Once again we have seen a well organised law abiding demonstration side-lined by rent a thug. The time where the police should be coming down very hard on these scum is long overdue, the politicians may well say that they do not wish to see water cannon deployed on the streets of London, neither does anyone else but enough is enough, the kid gloves need to come off and deal with these scumbags who have no legitimate reason to be there other than to be violent and cause mayhem. The sad thing is their actions detract from what has been a well behaved quarter of a million law abiding demonstrators with a valid grievance against the governments swingeing cuts.
  2. Trouble is that the rabble are fine when dishing out the violence but sqeal like stuck pigs when they are on the receiving end.Then the ooman rights brigade start wringing their hands at the over zealous behaviour of the thin blue line.
    The TUC were totally naive if they thought that the baby Trots would miss out on an opportunity to hi-jack the demo and steal the headlines.
  3. Fink - I don't generally agree with a lot of your posts but in this instance I agree 100% - I was genuinely sickened watching some of the Criminal Damage being inflicted on buildings in London earlier today (on BBC News 24) and could not help feeling that the police were in a "no win " position and that a water cannon(s) would indeed be welcome.
  4. This was the biggest dead cert there has ever been. It was bound to happen and Millibum can take his share of the responsibility along with the trade onions.

    This was organised knowing full well there would be trouble and as said above, the police get the short end of the stick.
  5. Which logically means that nobody should ever protest again because somebody else will always take advantage and kick off - genius
  6. For once I agree with Finks;but it does beg the question why did Millibum associate himself with this event,knowing in advance
    ,that there was a high probability that there would be violence and damage caused by the extremists acting in the name of the protest.It appears that the actions of these nutters have devalued the aims of the peaceful protesters.
  7. Just watched the news on Press TV, based in Dhahran, Saudi. Showed Old Bill mixing it with the Herberts, but the commentary stated the Police were attacking the demonstraters who were protesting against government cutbacks !!!! Not exactly what I saw on SKY or the BBC News Channel.
    But why spoil a decent story with the truth ??
    Only two things lower than journalists- politicians and whaleshit.
  8. Milliband associated himself because he has to stay pally with the unions, who provide the majority of his party's funding. The fact he was in power when the whole thing went to ratshit seems to have passed him by. I'd like to think the public wouldn't be so short-sighted as to forget that gem, but I suspect they have.

    Having said that, I agree that it is a shame a peaceful protest has been marred by the loonie left, again. Holding placards supporting public service funding then costing the public service a fortune by destroying Oxford Street (and more) is a bit nonsensical, but then again so are they.

    I also love the fact that a lot of people who seemed to be out supporting the NHS are very similar to those who spit at me and attempt to assault me on a Saturday night in the Emergency Department.
  9. It's every persons right to demonstrate but peacefully.
    These mindless persons, when caught as surely they will be, should me made to pay
    Either by loss of benefits , wages, fines etc. Any 'students' amongst them thrown out of
    Uni or the country if applicable.
    Can't understand why the police don't zap them with Tasers, or rubber bullets. Better still them little lead ones!
    They need sorting out soon before decent law abiding people start taking the law into their own hands.
  10. And that is what the Pollies would love to have --a ban on demonstrations .

    Apart from that at the moment the police obviously can't handle crowds the students
    proved that and todays playtime was just a repeat of the last mass demo.

  11. Oh the police can handle them ok, they are restricted by policy and the Shami Chakrabarti mob who would like nothing more than to accuse them of starting it and violent towards the rabble.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There's no problem with handling those that want to disrupt these demo's for their own purposes, the problem is with the cameramen with no interest in the whole scene and keep focused on Police actions the whole time, watch the TV footage and you'll see what I mean. Until laws are changed to allow Police more freedom of action in these situations they will continue to grow more violent.
  13. I feel sorry for the police, they're damned if they do and damned if they don't do something about these scum.
    These so called activists operate outside normal society so therefore we don't owe them anything.
    Bang them up, stop their grants, benefits etc and make them do hard labour to repair the damage.
    Personally I'd slot the lot of them!
    They want all the benefits of today's society but without contributing to it.
    The A & E is always full of them, usually on a Friday and Saturday night.
    No work in them but they can afford to go out and get blathered!!
  14. :laughing2:I would lay 100 to 1 ./that none of them have hade a job between em to fight for
  15. As suspected the media today is filled with the footage and pictures of the scumbags in action and not the legitimate protesters.
  16. You are bang right there .Always show the baduns never the gooduns .,But there again the baduns are criminal and violent not peaceful !!
  17. The main problem is that some lugger stole ALL the money........and nobody went to jail?????

    Protest as much as you like but the bill has to be paid. If you don't track down the culprits......get over it

    If anyone had a drip, it would be service personnel.......they are scrapping our floating homes and jobs....and they still expect to send them in harm's way

    Take this parliament by the scruff and tell them to do the right thing and do it now, again and again

    PS I think it a mistake to credit Millibum with common dog......he still carries on like he did when he first came out of his flying saucer
  18. Am I being naive in thinking the Murdoch press has been blowing this out of more proportion than Jordans tits?
  19. ....and it is bloody ages since he had a bath, white emulsion still in his hair after decorating one of Bliar's properties.
  20. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    Someone from the Met on Radio4 predicted this would happen yesterday morning, and of course it did.

    He actually sounded quite angry about the fact that the peaceful protesters, exercising their rights, would be tarred with the same brush as the minority of violent protesters and would receive less press coverage than them. Then he also of course mentioned that the police would have to be very careful, but that it was hard to distinguish between violent and peaceful protesters in the middle of a march etc...

    Very unfair, as all these idiots end up doing is ruining whatever legitimate argument the peaceful protesters wanted to put forward. Mind you, that is perhaps their aim, I suppose.

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