TT's and Boxters.. homosexual, or not?

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by WhizzbangDai, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Well?

    The old TT was for those people amongst us who either have breasts, or were bent as a spoon - but the new one, looks better, drives better and is generally superior - but is it out of the old ones shadow?

    Same question for the Boxster... probably the best (bar an Exige) handling car this side of track day specials, but it has a reputation... whats the view, does it still have it?

    Disclaimer: I do not have or plan to have either of these cars, i'm just bored and the thought struck me afterr reading one of clarksons columns. Not that it'll stop you
  2. They are both for girls, and so is the SLK, if you must consider a 30k convertible, get a Z4. Or if you aren't a sufferer of badge kudos, a 350Z.

    To be honest, men in convertibles just screams "I AM EITHER GAY OR HAVING A MID LIFE CRISIS" at the top of it's voice.
  3. MLP

    What are you driving at the moment?
  4. Due to a small "incident" I am having a few issues with insurance at the moment, therefore am riving a BMW 1 Series, however I have my beady eye on a VW Scirocco GTI at the moment so feel change in the air.
  5. TT's and Boxters are as gay as a male QARRNS rating spread out on all fours looking backwards over his shoulder and licking his lips.

    You can only ever look cool in a convertable if you are in the South of France and you have a stunning bird in the passenger seat. Under any other circumstances, convertables = gay.
  6. Outrage bus, of course. :D
  7. Not just Gay... but Gay Accountants!! at least here they are....
  8. All cars are for screaming Beefers, I travel everywhere by a Hot air Balloon.
  9. You fcuking gayer! Real men get from A to B on a unicycle.

    Whilst juggling.
  10. Flaming chainsaws, naked, with no seat just the seat post.

  11. Sunk down right upto the small intestine with your nuts rattling against the oily chain....
    Fukcing mincebag.
  12. I'm not considering one!

    I have contacts you see, and know where I can get a Jag XF with only 8000 on the clock for considerably cheaper than it should be..mwahahaa

    Although, that unicyle idea DOES sound interesting...
  13. With your balls as brake blocks, stapled to the brake calipers you hermer.
  14. Now you're just being silly...
  15. A Jag? My god man, how old are you? 90?
  16. mange tout son mange tout!!!
  17. MLP, you're showing you're age, Jag's are cool now.

    One problem i'm seeing, it's a bit flash for a YO, really. Oh, and it's a....diesel
  18. Jags.... cool..... Does not compute.

    Merc C series = cool, Audi A5 = cool, 3 series coupe = cool Alfa Brera = cool, dare I say it, 370Z = cool

    Jag = cabbagey pissy old man uncool.
  19. You need serious re-education man!

    Although i'll admit it, I just love the twisty circular auto box gear select thingy.

    Tres cool. Plus being barely old enough to shave I think I know a little something about 'cool'.....erm, 'dude'


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