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It is Friday,

It is a very important Friday for me. The last two days have been the most stressful in my professional life to date.

This audit was the first of its kind on the Unit and the first time I had gone through this type of audit.

I am exhausted. We are shiny but we can do better and we will.

We already have the best team, a great attitude and the 'want'.

Walking puppy tonight, I envisioned the plan with perfect clarity, what needs to be done, what the milestones are and what the future vision is and how we can get there. It will be hard work but I will be able to relax a little by Christmas 2010.

The Boss would give me a rollicking if he knew that I was thinking about work tonight. I desperately need to redress the work-life balance and make sure that I have plenty of time for me because otherwise, I will end up ill and of no use whatsoever.

Tomorrow I drive North. It's Andy and Angie's Bonfire party in the evening. I have been there every year that I have known them. It is traditional and wonderful and full of fun and smiles and the extended family that are my friends. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

They are looking forward to us coming and to seeing puppy, their dog died a few weeks ago. He was only 7 and good mates with my old girl - I call her 'puppy' online to protect her identity :wink: - the poor boy had throat cancer.

My puppy is 14 and hasn't got long left. She's deteriorating fast now. Her hind legs are getting worse, she's going a little deaf, keeps getting lost (if she loses sight of me) and is wasted after a 5/6 mile walk. She is supremely fit and looks mega-skinny right now because she's just had a bath (and is not impressed) but old age seems to be hitting hard now. It will devastate me when she goes. I saw her being born. She has been my closest friend and is the nearest thing I have to a family. My cat is a nice old boy but he has that way of looking at you as a convenience, the way cats do view humans I suppose.

Anyway, enough depressing stuff!

On Sunday I shall pick up the last little bits that I left up North before heading up to Manchester with my mate Stu to see Eddie Izzard. I'll be taking a leisurely drive home on Monday, dropping the car off in the evening and I've booked Tuesday as leave as well to recover :lol:

I might even stroll into town and do a bit of shopping (can someone put in an order for sunshine please?).


The house is clean, my bag is packed and I am going to spend the rest of the evening sketching out my vision.
:wink: Hard bloody work, Hard bloody work, you'll have the problem solved by Chrimbo 2010.
..............And you are taking Tuesday OFF work...............
Get real Pinkprincess....You can and will make a difference but in twenty years time someone else will be doing your job and worrying just the same.
For Gods sake RELAX. enjoy what you have achieved to date, enjoy the company you have and the time you have to enjoy it. Above all make time for yourself and be happy about your achievements to date and the new life you have built.
Have a great weekend.. sorry extended weekend. :blob4:
Take it easy PP

The art of good management is delegation--get others to do it and kick arrse when it goes wrong.

Hope the dog is Ok --Collies go on forever but there comes a time
when they start losing their quality of life and can't enjoy themselves
so don't let 'puppy' get too bad .

My 20 month Border Collie is the best dog ever ---- never a dull moment

Enjoy your time off anyway

G :fish:


Lantern Swinger
Thanks Greenie.

I won't let her suffer don't worry. When she had breast cancer 4 years ago I was prepared to put her down rather than go through surgery and months of chemo with no quality of life.

I'm glad the youngster is keeping you on your toes :wink:
I prefer me dog to many of the people I know. Earthlings a strange species indeed.

I actually contacted the RSPCA today see if my dogs records are still there. She is over twenty and according to the great God Internet the oldest dog in the world is twenty one.

The cat parted this life of luxury at the grand age of twenty six, twelve months ago last February now that is a long time. I miss the fourteen milers with the old dog.

Work like you don't need the money. Remember "Big Al" dying, at his funeral the office shitemasters talking in the church about not replacing him.


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Thanks Backpacker.

I miss the long hikes too, over the moors and in Scotland. She'd still try bless her.

I do work like I don't need the money, I love what I do. I couldn't be so passionate about it if I didn't. I can't help but want us to be the best, to be the benchmark. We will be trailblazers above and beyond the greatness that we already are.

*can hear the CO telling me to relax and enjoy the weekend*

In my pjs now and ready for a good sleep followed by a weekend of fun with friends :D :D :D


Lantern Swinger
(granny) said:
I just love the naivety of youth. Hope it lasts a long time. Night night.
Granny, I'm 33! I'm not some 21 year old fresh out of uni... I haven't even got a degree yet!

I am also one of the few people that could not, under any circumstances, be called naive.
pinkprincess said:
(granny) said:
I just love the naivety of youth. Hope it lasts a long time. Night night.
Granny, I'm 33! I'm not some 21 year old fresh out of uni... I haven't even got a degree yet!

I am also one of the few people that could not, under any circumstances, be called naive.
You sure are not naive as I know from our encounter at that M&S checkout little lady. :roll: It was sugar coated, top shelf rated, finger lickin good, It wasn't just sex, it was M&S sex. :roll: :oops: :oops: :wink: :D

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