Discussion in 'Submariners' started by adrian9901, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. How long do you think I will be waiting to get in as a TSM if I passed my RT in Apr 2011 ?
  2. Probably mid-late 2013.
  3. really ok shame about the wait It is something I am so passionate about :) gives me time to get fit though :D
  4. Well i passed for TSM june 2010, and i havent got an official date yet, Although the Allocator said january 2013 for definite, September this year if 4 people drop their dates.
    Still a fair while to go yet i guess for you mate it seems.
    Im sure N_S or somebody will be around soon to clear it up for you pal.

    WSTB :)
  5. don't forget to bring a damp cloth with you.......you will need it on board
  6. What? A TS having to clean the control room? Whatever f*cking next. You'll enjoy general service because there isn't any part of ship, flats, heads or bathrooms, passageways or messdecks to clean or any chipping and painting to do.
  7. I keep getting told by everyone in my Afco late 2012 and i done my RT feb 2011
  8. Same mate, apart from i have been waiting 8 months longer haha

    Wish things would speed up!

  9. Hope so. Getting fed up of work and people asking "when you away". They say the waiting times should come down in the new financial year. just need to see what happins. seems to change all the time.
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  10. To be honest I think that the people at Raleigh who really know when waiting times are going up or down :)
  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    A ******* 'how long' thread in the submariners forum. Where is that old fat bastard Nutty when you need him.
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  12. Been waiting since november 2010 for TSM and I have had no official date yet, been a long 21 month

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