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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by TARTANTERROR, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. =TSG= Tri-Service Gaming Clan is a Clan run by military types for military types.....

    We take nothing serious and nothing personally. We spawned from ARRSE and we especially welcome ARRSE, Rum Ration, E-Goat members.

    We have our own Battlefield 2 Server

    This is maintained by members of the clan, who are more than willing to help out anyone who is interested in joining but who are new to online gaming.

    Although most Clans operate a Trial period which includes things like you proving your gaming skills before you allowed to join.

    We do not, we only ask that you are a serving or ex serving member of the armed forces or at least have strong connections to the military. The main aim of the game is to relax after a hard days graft and have some fun in the evening with friends.

    Like alot of other members on ARRSE we attempt where we can to have Clan outings, which basically involves everyone getting either smashed or drinking sensibly if preferred.

    All in all Tri-Service Gaming Clan is a place to chill play and carry on verbal fragging in our own forums where the debates are just as lively.

    If anyone has any questions on anything to do with =TSG= please dont hesitate to email me or better still visit our forum.
  2. Cool, can I join?

    Oh, erm hang on a mo :D
  3. STFU You, people might not join if they see your involved. lol
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Jesus Christ alright stop yer crying :wav: we lub you....
  6. Might have to pop into the server on evening and get my RPK in action.
  7. Cool :)
    Sorry about effing off like that the other night mate, we all dived onto our own server for a laugh (and lots of tea bagging :D )

    Edited to add:

    Why not pop on the website?

  8. Lamri,

    Have registered with it mate. On as Brigham600, in case you did not know. :w00t:
  9. Nice one :)
    Its only a Forum at the moment mate, one of the members is making up a proper site slow time cos of work ;)
  10. I've had a look and it seems pretty good. Not geting much computer time at home just now (busy at work) hopefully i'll get on int the next couple of days. The BF2 mentioned, is that Battlefront??

  11. No mate, its BattleField2

    Hope to see you on there soon.
  12. i may have to put joining on hold for a bit, i've got a few ww2 games, but BF2 is'nt one of them. I'll need to aquire a copy. :pottytrain4: :pottytrain4:

  13. Cheers mate :afro: :afro:

  14. Nice Ass Lamri :threaten: See they are not all Navy sim playing weirdos
  15. lol, I must admit that I tried a few of them but Oh My God are they boring!! :D

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