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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by Buccaneer, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. Who Can you remember as Captain/Sailing Master of Royalist my memories are as follows and in no particular order:-

    John Wheeler
    George Lush
    Morin Scott
    Francis Drake
    Geoff Ulrich
    John Webb
    David Gay
    Colin Faulkner

    Anyone wnat to add any more and tell any dits
  2. David Gay RIP was the Offshore Commander but he was also a relief skipper I believe.
  3. My first trip on the Royalist it was Ulrich as the skipper and some black haired jock as the sailing master.I then returned for some more punishment in the ''pukeatoriam'' and Ulrich had gone and the grumpy jock bloke was the skipper. Forgotten his name.
  4. On my second Royalist trip I was captain of the heads for rounds and Geoff Ulrich came in looked over the back of one of the crappers and picked up the largest piece of Poo I have ever seen in my life and asked me what it was.

    As you can imagine I was absolutely gobsmacked and could not answer except for "it wasn't there 5 minutes ago sir", he looked at me and laughed then handed the piece of joke shop plastic poo back to the Coswain who giggled and put it in his pocket, apparently my face was a picture.
  5. Geoff was the best Captain of Royalist - the grumpy black haired jock would have been John Webb
  6. Was that THE Francis Drake? :eek:
  7. Was John Webb a Jock?? He was skipper on my 3 trips as a cadet and i believe he hailed from my old unit, TS Superb in Stafford. Didn't do me many favours knowing him though - especially after I pitched up at the gangway paraletic after a load of free booze at a post Tall Ships Race do in Cherbourg (1986 I think) :puke: . I traded Sea Boat part of ship for the heads after that!
  8. From what I remember Francis Drake was not a Jock but he went up there too live, grey haired from what I remember and he was before Geof Ulrich and he did not come back to do any realiefs.

  9. Aanyone ever sail with John Wheeler the first Captain a 3 Ringed Commander that ran Royalist like a destroyer
  10. I sailed 3 times with the same captain, and I still cant remember his bloody name. He skippered us back from Lisbon to Weymouth after the Tall Ships race.
  11. What year would that be - I seem to remember Morin Scott doing that leg
  12. John Wheeler, OK where do I start? He was the best and he used to have a son called Mike. Imagine a little Northern Ireland Sea Cadet who he used to call Paddy. Whenever little Paddy (in them days ) needed to come to England he would let me come to the Royalist to do any housekeeping etc. which I still value as I turned out to be the best person in the world because of them days. I never got involved in Terrorism and have lived in England ever since. In my current job I have been in the Area and I still have happy memories of the Royalist. John from my memories was, for me the best. RIP
  13. Best captain is Lt Cdr(SCC) Draper RNR, the current CO. :) He's a legend!
  14. Well done mate, you'll go far. :thumbleft:
  15. Aye, Lt Cdr(SCC) Draper RNR is a legend!!
  16. They're in the news again today. The Times (7 April 09, p8) reports that sea cadets on the Royalist ran aground at Kimmeridge in Dorset and had to be rescued by the Lifeboat Service...... :oops:
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Dozens of sailing and cruising vessels run aground or require the help of the RNLI every day without making it into the national newspapers. Why was this story involving TS Royalist any different? :?
  18. Lt.Cdr Morin Scott was the founder of TS Royalist, and he sadly died in Pathos last month. Back in the 1960's he was one of the first to put the Sea in sea cadets by winning the Tall Ships Race with TS Centurion. Sadly TS Royalist has been given a hard time by the Marine Investigation Board over the grounding
  19. Just heard about Morin "Crossing the Bar" a sad loss t
    o many like me who knew as a mentor and the life and sole of the party.

    There is to be a memorial service on the 23rd of this month - I hope many will be there.
  20. When I was Apprentice in Athel Tankers in 1950 I can remember Morin Scott sailing with us as Third Mate. I believe he was RNSR at the time. He used to practise the apprentices in signaling with us on the focsle and himself on the bridge. Happy days! I still have his book "Gerda's Sea Saga."
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