Trying to trace Robert P Wilson

Discussion in 'History' started by thingy, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. My sister was recently going through some old boxes from my late uncle's estate (he died shortly after my dad) and came across a bulging photograph album which includes original naval certificates and numerous naval and childhood photos from a very nice guy my uncle knew in Leeds and who I met on a couple of occasions when he was doing the Staff Course at RNC Greenwich and I was a teenager. (A looooong time ago :lol: ).

    His name is/was Robert P. Wilson. I have his naval ID but will not post for it for PERSEC reasons. He joined the RN in 1974 as an JNA? (see class photo below, taken 19 July 1974) and passed out of the BRNC (St.George's Division) in the Autumn of 1982 having obtained the Herbert Lott Award (Professional). I know he lived in Helston in the 1980s, but cannot be more precise.

    I wish to trace him as he really ought to have the photographic album back which contains many memories which will no doubt interest his children.

    Does any one remember him?


    HMS Ganges: 19 July 1974
    He's the tanned one, back row, centre.


    I'm posting this in the HMS G****S thread also.

    Getting his Wings (date unknown)


    With Wings...

  2. I am an ex aircrewman myself. Wilson was on Raut course 88 in May 1977 I think, if you get in contact with "Splash Ashdown "at Aircrewmans Association he wil be able to help you in your quest :thumright:
  3. Thanks Scouse. I shall follow that lead.

    Bump....... ouch!
  4. f :thumright: or your info R P Wilson BOB is an overseas member
  5. There are over 200 Robert Wilson in the Uk, including Robert P.

    There are 19 Robert Wilson and 1 Rober P Wilson in Leeds.

    Can't narrow it down any more unless you have a full second name.
  6. Thanks NotmeChief.

    Well he hailed from Leeds which is where my uncle got to know his family (ie parents) but the last time I met him (er, back in the 1980s) he was living in Helston in Cornwall (I keep getting it muddled up with Helsdon in Norwich, where I lived for 3 years :roll: )
  7. Another exile from the sinking ship, Cool Britannia? :lol:

    Overseas, now that must mean the Isle of Wight! :biggrin:
  8. yes that was his RNAS for rating aircrew under training Culdrose HMS Seahawk/1977 :thumright:
  9. Thanks Scouse. I owe you a wet!
  10. i must be the luckiest ex ST Vincent boy ever :thumright:
  11. Bless! :thumright:
  12. A search of Cornwall

    There are 7 Robert Wilsons ages - 89, 58, 72, 72, 42. Two don't give their age.

    There is 1 Robert P Wilson aged 46 living in Cornwall.

    3 in Torpoint
    1 in Saltash
    1 in Gunnislake
    1 in Port Isaac
    1 in Camelford
    1 in Delabole

    Robert P is listed as Torpoint.

    Will be glad to pass on their addresses if required.
  13. Apparently he's living/working abroad. I presume he's not still serving?

    Age 46 sounds a bit young: that would make him only a year older than me, and as he was at the G Spot in 1974, even were he 16 then, that would make him 50 today. Of course were he 33 then he'd be 67! :lol:

    Thanks for your research however NotmeChief. :thumright: :thanks:
  14. was "splash able to get you an E mail address " :thumright:
  15. I emailed "Splash" Ashdown (Webmaster) but have yet to receive a reply. Should I try the Secretary instead?

    Maybe young Wilson's being elusive... :biggrin:
  16. Thingy put a message in their forum/guestbook :thumright:
  17. Thanks Scouse. I have followed your advice, link below.
  18. thats magic if you dont get a reply to that . I will buy you a wet :thumright:
  19. :drunken: :drool: :thumright:
  20. Jackpot. Two people actually remember him. :) :) :)

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