Trying to research my Great-Grandad

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by northern-matelot, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. I was at my Grandads the other week and he mentiond that his dad used to be a matlot (Comms rating) during the war. He showed me some photos of my great-grandad in Hawai with Septec sailors while he was serving on HMS Ariadne.
    Further searching through the album I found a page with his service details:

    RO (I assume he left the RN as an RO as there is no visable rate patch on his ones nor any mention of rate on the notes I have) Arthur Haywood
    Service Number D/JX568392
    Ships / Units served: HMS Valkyrie- Sep 1943-Oct 1943
    HMS Ariadne (Devonport) 1943 -1946
    Date left the Navy: March 1946
    Decorations / Awards: NFNC 292

    Searching Google (well Wikipedia) I found HMS Ariadne was involved in laying mines of the coast of Norway and the Pacific during my Great-Grandads time onboard working under a septic task grouping.

    Could anyone tell me how I would be able to go about further finind out what my Great-Grandad did, if he has any medal entitlements (no one I have spoken to- RNA members, Devonport Dockyard Museum, has a clue what NFNC 292 means) or even where I'd find his proper records- what I have is a handwritten note on a peice of paper- nothing official.

    Many thanks in advance

  2. National Archives would be a good start. Then try the Imperial War Museum.
  3. Cheers wrecker, will give it a shot.
  4. NM,

    Welcome to RR and if you the same NM as him at ARRSE, doubly so!

    A regular here, Soliel will offer you valuable advice and that other delightful lady, Sweetpea, is probably RR's own renowned expert on researching such historical matters.

    SP might pop up out of the blue but a PM to her could put her on your case, two-six.

    Meantime, every respect for your illustrious ancient & the very best of luck.


    PS When you have time off from ARRSE, come over here and dit on sometime:wink:
  5. N-M

    I would suggest making an application for your Great-Grandfather's Service Record.

    To do this, you need two forms from this link:

    You will need the Next of Kin form and the search form for the Royal Navy.

    If you have any questions about the forms, you can speak to the Disclosure Cell on 02392 628779/ 02392 628781.

    Re the medal, have a word with the JPAC Enquiry Centre, which takes calls on behalf of the MoD's Medal Office at Imjin Barracks on 0141 224 3600.
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  6. Cheers very much, I'll get them filled in and sent off ASAP!
  7. Hi Northern Matelot,

    I totally agree with Soleil, a copy of Arthur's service record is the way forward in learning more about your great grandfathers time in the RN during WW2.

    I have a feeling that NFNC 292 may well refer to a certificate. I know that a specific certificate was awarded to those who helped in the liberation of Norway. The certificate was from King Olaf, King of the Norwegains. NFNC 292. NC may refer to the Norwegian Campaign, and the number 292 being the number of the register in which the award was recorded. In the past I have come across the certificates from King Olaf, but I do not know of a register (at the National Archives or online) that documents a list of the recipients names.

    The contents of your great grandfathers service record might throw some light on it. :)

    Sorry with my delay in replying to this post, I didn't see it! :slow:

    Yours Aye,
    Blind Pew. (Sweetpea).
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  8. Just glancing again at Northern Matelot's original post and pondering on HMS Valkyrie. NM's Great-Grandfather must have been based on the Isle of Man during those months in 1943 - photo of HMS Valkyrie here:

    Douglas Borough Council Online - Tel: 01624 696300
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  9. Sol and Sweetpea help!! I want to find out about my Dad's wartime adventures, however, I have one big snag. I have an elder Sister who would be considered the next of kin as our Mother died a few years ago. The problem is she hated the old man's guts, so consequently will not give me her permission to make any enquiries. Any ideas how I can overcome this obstacle?
  10. In which year did he cross the bar?
  11. Sol, his death certificate states he died in Basildon Hospital on the 29th December 1988
  12. Onions,

    If your father had been deceased for over 25 years the immediate next of kin would be waivered and you could apply for your fathers service record in your own right. However, your father passed over 23 years ago which unfortunately leaves you just two years adrift. :sad5:

  13. The MoD's publication scheme benefits from an exemption from the general provisions of the Freedom of Information Act; the MoD is thus able to put certain restrictions on the availability of service records. Because of its Duty of Care to the families of service personnel, it limits the information it issues to enquirers within 25 years of the date of death who do not have the authorisation of the immediate next of kin to the following:

    Service number
    Regiment/Corps if applicable
    Place of birth
    Date of birth
    Date of death (if this occurred in service)
    The date an individual joined the service
    The date of leaving
    Good Conduct Medals (e.g. Long Service and Good Conduct Medal LS&GCM)
    Orders of chivalry and gallantry medals

    After 25 years, the following information is also available, even if there is no consent from the Next of Kin:

    Units in which he/she served
    Dates of service
    Locations of units
    Ranks in which the service was carried out
    Details of WWII campaign medals

    To get what is available to you at the moment ie without the consent of the immediate next of kin, you need these forms:

    Edited to add: crossed posts with SP as broke off to make a nice cup of tea while typing.
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  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Does anyone check if you are in fact the next of kin?
  15. Sol and SP, many thanks for your help.
  16. Soleil, thank you very much for your help, finally managed to get hold of the records, seems Great-Granddad served in a few more places than I knew- entitled to 1939-1945 star, Italy Star, Pacific Star and 1939-1945 War medal. Just need to find out if Granddad want's them mounting or framing now.
  17. The Norwegian certificate reads
    ...........(line free for recipient to write their name)

    (signed) Olaf
    Oslo, December 1945.
  18. How bizzare:)
  19. Sorry, was also researching my dad's ww2 service so my son could know what his grandad did (he never met him). Just came across this website and saw someone was asking about the certificate from king Olaf of Norway. I can't find anything about it on web so just posted that as got one on my wall among other things. Not intending to upset anyone or anything.
  20. It never upset anyone, it just seemed a random post with no explanation. Don't tell Dappers but he spelt bizarre wrong, that might upset him ;)
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