Trying to research deceased in-laws RNR & WRNS service

Good evening.
As a 2008 Christmas gift to my husband, I would like to give him his deceased father's service record with the British Merchant Marine and WW2 RNR as well as his deceased mother's WW2 service record with the WRNS. We don't know much other than for some reason both were posted to New York where they met one another and eventually married. Could someone point me in the proper direction?

On a different point, my husband's deceased father wore a tie with insignia which I have not been able to trace. Supposedly it has something to do with his naval service. The tied is navy blue with a silver diagonal stripe made of terylene. Between the diagonal stripes, there are several gold ovals within which there appears to be a green seahorse or dragon superimposed upon silver horizontal stripes (could be waves). The top portion of an gold anchor (the loop through which a rope would go through) is sitting on top of the gold oval and the anchor base with the points are underneath the gold oval. Would anyone recognize this insignia? The tie was made for Miller, Rayner & Haysom Ltd., London according to the small label inside the tie.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I got my fathers RN record from HMS Centurion and very interesting it was as he rarely talked about it, as indeed those who have been through a lot don't tend to.
I had to pay but not a lot and they keep records going back hundreds of years.
Exactly how I went about it I can't remember but looking up HMS Centurion would be a good start.
It does take a while and you have to show you have some sort of family connection but I found it worthwhile and very, very enlightening.
Allison - Copies of service records can be obtained using the instructions on the Veterans UK website here.

The naval heraldic device you describe may well be a ship's badge, several of which can be seen via this link. Does the badge for HMS Orwell look anthing like it?


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War medals can still be claimed if that has not already happened. Process can take a year as, reasonably, applications for serving personel have priority. Helps if service number is known so go for the papers first (which wilalso take some time).

You need to pay a visit to the National Archives online database which will tell you if they hold any records on any members of your family who served in any of the Armed Forces or Reserves.

You can search for information on family in the RNR at the link below.

MN service recards can be searched for at the link below.

Good luck

Thank you all for your various and helpful responses. Still haven't tracked down the tie insignia although there are bits and pieces of it in the various admiralty shields. I sent an e-mail to the company through their web-site but to date have no response.

Checked the National Archives but as both served during WW 2, the records are not public domain yet. So I will have to let the cat out of the bag and have my husband sign the forms to obtain his parents service records--but that will be alright--they will still be a surprise for his brother and sister. And while we are at it, we will check into the medals situation and see what he might be able to receive. Apparently my deceased father-in-law never went in for that sort of thing but Alastair very much admires his grandfather's medals which have been mounted so maybe we can do the same thing.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for all your help. If you come up with other ideas, I would love to hear them.

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