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Trying to re-create a taste of 'The Old Navy' at home


War Hero
Once upon a time, many moons ago, on a S Boat, far, far away on Global 86 - the Senior Rates mess ran out of coke in the goffer machine. Not the end of the world you might think, but it did mean that a swift Bacardi and coke was off the menu. However, we did have shed loads of Vimto syrup - probably a cock up by the Grocer. Anyway, I digress. And so it came to pass that someone, probably a back afty, decided to have a Bacardi and Vimto. Well, result! And so we consumed the odd B&V until the boat arrived in San Diego and we were able to reload with coke (as they say!). Jump to present day. Now, living in Spain as I do, Vimto is not something I see very often. So, when I saw a bottle in a shop the other day, I just had to buy it 'for old times sake' to try with my bottle of Bacardi. So, I've had a couple tonight and have to say it's very nice, but perhaps missing the 'naughtyness' of slurping them down while on patrol - and no S boat smell either! But I shall struggle on until the Vimto has gone! Happy days, or daze.


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Mine had ice cubes as it was about 25C here today. I'd ask you round, but I see that the airlines from UK have shut down due to the Spanish (not) general strike!


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There are far more letters in 'vomit for a good reason' than 'vimto' :dontknow:

There may be more carrots in vomit but the amount of letters are the same i.e. 5 and they're all the same but arranged differently hence an anagram (and your a loggie o_O )
I like the sound of Bacardi and Vimto, actually, SB.Drop in some ice cubes; perfect.
Bacardi should never be taken with more than the measure (s) of Rum - any more additive than this is sacrilage !!!. I first tasted the nectar in Gib (the Universal) on my first sea draft in 1964 ..... quite an eye opener for a 16yo ! :)


War Hero
If this don't "format" properly - then you'll have to read it as is........... Similar to liquid shortages - this concerns an overabundance of frozen food. The POCK on HMS ********* wildly overestimated the amount of Birds Eye Arctic Rolls a boat would need for a long wander around that sea w-a-y up North. Instead of approximately 20 boxes, we got a ferkin Chilcon full of the fu**ing things delivered to the boat alongside in Faslane. Being perishable, the NAAFI (who dealt with all this sort of stuff), didn't want 'em back so we had to stow the frozen delicacies all over the twatting place prior to sailing for yet another happy wander. As usual, it was fu**ing freezing up in Fazzers and we had a few days to go before Harbour it was a case of "Have a Birds Eye Arctic Roll you bastard!".There can be no more a sad sight, than looking at the Upper Deck Trot Sentry sheltering round the side of the fin at daft'o'clock in the morning, rain lashing down, wind howling, temperature a balmy 1 Deg F. - stood standing there with a half eaten Arctic Roll in each shivering hand, or going down for breakfast and seeing a dish full of Artic yumminess next to the scrambled egg tray. Open the mess fridge to get milk for your room for milk - full of fu**ing Arctic Rolls. Get your head down in the bunk space - wake up to find Santa had left you an Arctic Roll in each steaming boot. Never yomped an Arctic Roll since, and I never fu**ing will...ever.


A weekend on the Glasgow in sunny Rosyth, sunday morning hangover, but really really hungry, just about every one had headed off on weekend so not a lot of bodies on board, now the brekky on Glasgow was normally pretty good, in fact the scran in general was good (stand fast the death watch). But the brekky this morning was perfect, the cabbage mechanics had outdone themselves, possibly as they were still pissed from the night before. And as there were few onboard, could go around the bouy as much as you liked :) It certainly set me up for a few more hours in my pit before heading to the Glad Yer for an afternoon session.

Still miss pussers breakfast after all these years
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