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Trying to prove a medal

Hi all,

First post here! An elderly relative of mine is trying to claim her father's WW2 Atlantic Star medal.

He was Albert Ernest Pepperell bn 1894 in South Allington, Devon, service number K16029. I have his record of service from 1912 to 1927 when he was awarded a GC and LS medal and a gratuity and I assume discharged (although there is no note of this). The record says 'transfer to card 1929'. His service lists several ships - Devonshire, Benbow, Monarch as well as the depots Vivid, Greenwich and Egmont.

If he served in WW2, he'd have been a getting on a bit, and I've not found any record so far.

Allowing for memory and passing time, I understand there may be a bit of confusion, but I'd appreciate any help.

Many thanks.


War Hero
Hello DevonV,

Thank you for your message regarding Albert E Pepperell.

From the information you have given in your request on the Forum, I can say that it is more than probable that you do not hold Alberts full RN service record. 'Transfer to card 1929' means that the original RN service records of those who were born c.1880 - c.1910 who were still serving in the RN in the year 1929, had their service records moved to a card system by the MoD, so whilst you are able to download and view the RN Service Records from the National Archives up to and including the date of 1924, all records thereafter I understand were not transferred and are still held by the MoD. I'll do some searching for you and will let you know, but if my first thought is correct, you may well need to apply to the MoD for Alberts service record.

Edited to add: WWII Medals Issued to Merchant Seamen, 1939-1945 results for Albert Pepperell = 0

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Thank you Sweetpea and Soleil, who has given me links to the forms I should submit.

I think you are correct about the record transfer and I'll see about them. Looking again at the info I have Albert served on HMS Devonshire (armoured cruiser of 11000 odd tons) as Ldg Stoker from 1916 to 1919. Her last war duty was Atlantic shipping protection which may be what my relation is remembering.

I'm not sure someone in their mid 40's would be sent to sea (stokers were a thing of the past by ww2?) so perhaps he was a shore based reservist then. It'll be good to find out.

Thanks again.
Just another query - After the War Albert served on Benbow (Eastern med, helping the White Russians) and a couple of other dreadnoughts, then a list of depot ships (Vivid II, Columbine (Rosyth), Greenwich (Scapa Flow)and Egmont (Malta). After each entry there is a V&W destroyer named, Ventetia for four of the depots and Vidette for the last. Was he serving on these or ashore as admin for them?



War Hero

As a RN rating your Albert would have belonged to a Depot Ship, ie, Vivid II, and HMS Ventetia would have been assigned to that depot. Albert would have been drafted to HMS Ventetia from the Shore Base (Depot). Vivid II is where the admin and pay etc would have been dealt with. I hope all that makes sense. o_O

I do hope the files still held by the MoD will help fill in the gaps regarding Alberts RN service record.
(A big thank you to Sol for providing you with a link to the forms).

I wish you luck with your search.

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