Trying to get fitness up to scratch

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GuyC, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. I'm starting at HMS Raleigh in January, so am currently trying to build on my fitness; I'm guessing I'll get the usually type of answer... 'do more' etc, that is an option, but I would like to maintain some form of life also :p

    I currently do
    Mondays: 5km run in the morning, Martial Arts class during lunch time, Circuit training in evening
    Tuesdays: 5km run in the morning, Rugby training (ball skills etc) in evening
    Wednesdays: 5km run in the morning, swimming in the evening
    Thursdays: 5km run in the morning, Rugby training (gym work / weights)
    Fridays: 7.5km run in the morning, rest in evening
    Saturdays: Play rugby match in afternoon
    Sundays: Sports massage in morning, swimming in the afternoon

    And repeat :p

    I know a lot of you guys will be doing more, but is this enough to help me on my way ready for starting basic training?
  2. That's more than enough for Raleigh, I didn't do anywhere near that much and pissed all the phys (with the exception of circuits, but EVERYONE dies doing circuits if they're doing them properly).

    Cardio is king, though you need to be able to do a certain amount of press ups/sit ups too, so make sure you can bang out a fair few of each (27 press ups / 40 sit ups I believe is the minimum requirement).

    If you keep that up for the next 3 months, the physical side of Phase 1 training won't even make you break into a sweat.
  3. The minimun is 23 press ups and 39 sit ups
  4. I just did 51 press-ups and 46 sit-ups in 4 minutes (2 minutes each) as a test, I've never timed myself for that before.
  5. well done lad, i can do about 30 press ups and 70 situps, and do mu my mile and a hlf in 10:30
  6. I stand corrected, it's been a fair old while since I did the PT B test.

    As before though, if you keep up that level of training, Raleigh will be trivial.
  7. I have a created a circuit near my house that I do my running on, it's exactly 2.5km, so I just do laps, generally do 2 laps each morning, but it varies, depending no how energetic I'm feeling and how much time I've got. I did 4 laps yesterday (10k) but some days if I'm running late, will only fit in 1 lap (2.5k).
    I consider Friday and Sunday my rest days, the swim I do on the Sunday isn't hard, more just for stretching out any kinks I got the day before, in rugby match.

    I've been doing this regime for approx 3 months (although rugby season only just started, did train in pre-season training) and I plan to continue this till I join in January, but will stop playing rugby in December, to prevent incurring any possible injuries (would be sods law, 2 weeks before Raleigh I'd dislocate my shoulder or something).
    I'm going to Thailand to do a sailing regatta (Kings Cup) at end of November, so in the weeks building up, i will alter my training to focus on the areas required for that. More core stability and explosive training.

    Thanks for you're advise.
  8. Son I think you really need to get a life.You are joining the navy for christs sake not the SAS.if you are enjoying what you are doing keep to it ,but you don't have to bust a gut
  9. Noted.

    But excluding the running, I've done this for years. The circuits is linked with rugby club, so 3 nights is just standard training with the club, the swimming and martial arts is my personal training, and I only have sports massage during rugby season.
  10. The latest bit of kit at the rugby club gym is a Batak Pro machine. A lot of fun, very competitive, and a lot more tiring that expected.

    My PB is 98 in 60 seconds, but still trying to break 100 mark!

    Check out sample video of it here if you don't know what it is; (YOUTUBE LINK)
  11. Add a few strap on weights to yourself and that would be worthwhile doing!
  12. Groan!! What is England coming to. Toys in the Rugby Club what ever happened to The Boat Race a good old rendition of Eskimo Nell and eight pints :D :D
  13. You are just a sick puppy!! :D

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