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trying to find...........

My dad, Tony Cager, was a Submariner in the 70's (LS(TSM)??) - served on Alliance, Tiptoe, Otter and Opposum.
Also based a few times at Hms Dolphin, and Vernon.

I am trying to find people that knew, or served with him.
Any help much appreciated xx


Book Reviewer
Huss have a look on the Submariners Association site at

They have a list of members which might help

Nutty was, I believe, still serving of D/E Boats in the early '70's so might be able to help.

Go the the Dorset site and post on the guestbook giving a few details and then follow the links to the various association sites and post on them, it might be that someone will know Dad even if he isn't a member of the Submariners Association. Good luck in your search all I hope, for your sake is that Nutty isn't your Dad :roll:
lol- no i knew my dad - unfortunately he is no longer here in the land of the living.

Just trying to find old shipmates of his - something i promised mum i'd do


I was with Tony(God bless him) at Dolphin before we joined the Otter in 72 at Birkenhead.Was gutted when i saw in Navy News that Tony had crossed the bar .
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