Trying to find my Dad

Discussion in 'History' started by Rons lad, May 12, 2013.

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  1. Good evening everybody

    I am in need of your expert knowledge. I am trying to trace my Dad's Royal Navy WW2 service records. I have done a search of but I have drawn a total blank of anything relating to any military service at sea or anywhere else ! . He told me that he was in the Fleet Air Arm and I have seen a photo of him in his naval rig. Knowing my Dad, he had the photo taken to fool everyone into thinking he was a matelot when in reality, he spent the war hiding in my Nans attic. I would really appreciate any help in this, thanks in anticipation


    i have just realised that if I give you his details it might make it a bit eaeasier his name was Ronald Charles Jauncey, his date of birth was the 29th of December 1925 , he lived at 25 Cavendish Road, Edmonton, London
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  2. If you have an official number or rank and full name the National Archives will be more help than an ancestry website TBH.

    Can you see any branch badges or rate badges on his uniform to help?

    Or even post it on here so people can see it and give you more info that way?
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  3. Cheers for that , thank you for your prompt rely
  4. Hi Rons Lad,

    To obtain your fathers service record which to this day is held by the MOD I recommend you contact the Veterans UK website via this link
    Veterans-UK or phone (free phone) 0800 169 2277 and they will help you obtain a copy of your fathers service record. Copies of the records cost £30 and there is a back-log due to the amount of request for help received, so waiting time is about twelve weeks.
    Hope this information is helpful to you.

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  5. Sweet pea, thanks for your time and effort. I will be ringing them in the morning
  6. RL

    You can make an application for your Dad's Service Record directly, by using these forms.

    Complete them and forward them c/w enclosures to Portsmouth:
  7. The NA only holds Rating Service Records up to 1923 and Officer Service Records up to 1931, I'm afraid.
  8. Thanks for that Sol, every day's a school day :)
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