trying to find former oppos

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by paddy666, Mar 17, 2006.

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  1. helo i am a ex bootneck trying to find any former oppos from 40 cdo during 1981- 1983 i was with 1troop my name is paddy craig i would love to hear from any one who was serving during this period,one person who i would love to track dopwn is a pti called cod head paul dixon he was last living in exmouth any help would be appreciated
  2. hi paddy, remember the name but not the face,i was in 1 tp,wasn't dixie from doncaster and not grimsby?
  3. Same time - but in Charlie Coy 8 troop - was "volunteered" to become a flag wagger in 84
  4. hi jayb im sure dixie was from doncaster now you mention it and bert i remember charlie coy you bunch of hooligans only joking but you guys always seemed a bit rougher than the rest of us
  5. Hi Craig,actually I was in 2 Tp,[must've hit wrong key]. Here's some names for you: Slug, George 'tash, Swamprat, John Clancy, Phil Mock, Mart Saunders, George Corner, Gaz Vitta etc. Bet they bring back a few memories?
  6. oh yes remember them all i kept in touch with phil mock he lives in leighton buzzard close to me we used to go on the piss on civvy street needless to say we got into a few scrapes and slug was a legend down union street do you remember legge bidwell he was a big oppo of phil mock remember they done the puppet act on the flight deck on the way down south
  7. where do you live then Craig? I live in Aylesbury, and yeah I do know Leggy.
  8. hi jayb i live in bedford not far away
  9. Hi Paddy, not too far away. You still in touch with Phil and Leggy?
  10. no mate but i am going to try to get their numbers i did have them but i have a mental ex who probably wont let me have them if i do get them i will let you have them
    regards paddy craig
  11. Just a quick one lads , Mucho respect for you Royals but you may get a bit more privacy in the PM facility on RR you can natter to your hearts content and exchange phone numbers etc etc . Do any of you remember Capt Alan Berry ? i know he was a coy commander that went down south with you blokes .Not too sure if he was 40 or 42 . Regards an ex-submariner now pongo .

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