Trying to find a "Michael" possibly Clarke HMS Dolphin 1975

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Joe_Joyce, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. Hello people, I realize this will be a long shot but I have an Image that has become quite precious to me in the last 48 hours after 35 years of not knowing a thing! "Its a very long tragic family story"!!!

    As said I have this Image below, from this image I need to know as many things as possible.

    Who are the 2 young lads in the image, who are they? I believe one of them is the Michael I am trying to find.
    Was an image taken for every person standing in that line on that day? and was that a special day? were you in that room?
    There is a an MOD stamp on the back of the image, does the date on the stamp relate to the date the image was taken?
    How old are these young men in the image? (my reckoning 16-18)
    On the Sleeve of the young lad in the middle "Collyers School"?? this may jog something to someone?

    If anyone out there knows anything or can give me any info regarding contacting these people please get in touch.

    [email protected] or [email protected]

    My Best Regards,
    Joe J.
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  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Joe, have you tried contacting the RN photographic branch and giving them the reference number (someone on here will be able to give you a contact number).

    Failing that a long shot would be the Submarine Museum at Gosport, they hold a lot of old pics taken at Dolphin over the years.

    They look like schoolboys rather that Matelots. Also looks like wrong dress code to be Matelots.
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    Thank for your reply, great idea, if someoe can post the number for the RN photographic branch that would be very good..
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    Can't find anything for Pompey (yet) on the defence intranet but these guys should have the contact details.

    Fleet Regional Photographic Unit (West)

    Woollcombe Block, HMS Drake, HMNB devonport, Plymouth, PL2 2BG

    Telephone (Civilian): 01752 555223
    (Mil): (9)375 65223
  6. Helo Joe,

    Probably Combined Cadet Force (Naval Section) visiting HMS DOLPHIN for a week's 'Camp' and just being inspected by the Captain of DOLPHIN

    Their ages could be from 14yrs Plus.

    Suggest try "Collyers School" if that is the person you are interested in.

    I have no connection but, from Google, there is an Old Boys Assn.

    Link here:

    Best of Luck - Bob
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    Thanks for the reply, I have tried that number given but no answer I have left a message asking for help on this.. maybe I will get a call back soon?
  8. They are wearing Artificer's berets but their hair looks too long for them to be serving Matelots. As someone previously said before, I'm guessing they are cadets with some sort of connection to the Artificer branch.

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