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Try This!!!!!

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Lantern Swinger
I went to the Supermarket today and bought some goods. I gave the checkout operator a 20 pound note. She held it up and checked for the silver line in it. She gave me my change, a 10 pound note, a five pound note and a few coppers. I took them from her and held them up, checked the silver lines in them and then bit the coins between my teeth. 8O

"Yes, they're real." I said, thanking her.
She had a face like a fiddle and was totally unsuited. Yet I was only doing what they do, with the same vested interest.

Try it and you'll see what I mean.



War Hero
I think I'm going to try that later :lol:

FYI, there are apparently a sh!t load of fake 20s circulating at the moment.


War Hero
Did it a few years ago in ASDA during the last forgery scare.

They definitely don't like it do they. We can fiddle them but they won't pass any on to us??????

Yeah really!!!!!!! :evil:
Not open for further replies.
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