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True Dit.......


Jack and Miss World are shipwrecked and end up on a desert island.

They make themselves a mud hut each at either end of the island, but agree to meet up at the palm tree in the middle every saturday night for a run ashore.

After a few months they both get a bit carried away and they do the deed. Afterwards while they are lying there under the stars enjoying a blue liner, Jack leans across and says "That was fantastic...but could you do me a favour?". "Of course Jack" says Miss World, "After that I would do anything, what have you got in mind?". "Well" says Jack, I know we dont usually meet up on a Sunday lunchtime, but could we meet up at the palm tree tomorrow?". "OK" says Miss World, little realising she had got off lightly. "And" says Jack, could you please wear these No 8s (AWD for newbies)". A little suprised, she agrees and they go their seperate ways back to their own huts.

Sunday lunchtime comes round and Jack walks up to the Palm Tree and meets up with Miss World wearing the No 8s. "Hello mate" says Jack, "You'll never guess who I shagged last night.................."
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