Truck driver who 'stabbed hijacker to death defending lorry'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. I do hope he gets case dismissed!


    Truck driver who 'stabbed hijacker to death defending lorry' held by police
    By Daily Mail Reporter
    A truck driver has been arrested after stabbing a man to death who was apparently trying to hijack his lorry.
    The driver claims to have been defending himself from three men, who had attacked him and tried to rob his curtained lorry, on an industrial estate yesterday morning.

    During the scuffle, the driver stabbed all three of his attackers and sustained a head injury.
    Forensic police investigate a blue Subaru Imprezza that three blood-drenched men drove to Sandwell General Hospital in West Bromwich after the attack

    The three blood-drenched men then drove 20 miles in a Subaru Impreza to Sandwell Hospital, in West Bromwich, despite suffering from serious stab wounds.

    One of the men, a 36-year-old, who is yet to be named, died of his injuries at the hospital.

    The two others, one a 15-year-old youth, are in a critical condition.

    Back at the industrial estate, in Coleshill, Warwickshire, the 40-year-old driver, who is believed to be from Greece, was arrested on suspicion of murder.

    Police say the driver claims he was just defending himself from the attack.

    An eyewitness at Sandwell General Hospital described the dramatic scene as the blue Subaru Impreza screeched into the hospital car park.

    The man, who did not wish to be named, said: 'It was about 6.30am in the morning as me and my wife arrived at the hospital in an ambulance. She had been suffering from chest pains.
    'As the paramedics were helping my wife a blue car sped up the ramp and skidded to a halt at the entrance.
    'Two chaps jumped out of the fronts seats and started screaming, "help us, help us, we've all been stabbed" and they were drenched in blood.

    'One of the men lifted up his shirt to show stab wounds on his stomach and he was completely covered in blood.
    'They went into the back seats where a third man was sitting, he was a big bloke and looked unconscious. They managed to drag him out on to the floor leaving huge pools of blood in the car and on the floor.
    'By this time the paramedics who were looking after my wife had gone over to help. It took a total of five hospital staff to lift the man from the floor and carry him into the hospital. He may have already passed away because he looked like a dead weight.
    'I heard the man in the back seat had been stabbed near the shoulder and in the throat.
    'The whole time the other two men where shouting and screaming, it was a dramatic and horrific scene. They were screaming at me to help but I didn't know what to do and just left it to the hospital staff.
    Hijack? The lorry driver alleged he was attacked during an attempted robbery on his vehicle

    'I've never seen anything like it in my life, you just don't expect it at that time in the morning when everything is so quiet.'

    Detective Chief Inspector Adrian McGee, from Warwickshire Police, who is leading the investigation, said: 'We are still gathering information in order to establish what has happened this morning. We are appealing to anyone who has any information from any of the locations to contact the major investigation unit at Warwickshire Police.
    'We want to hear from anyone who saw anything that may be of interest to the police at the Station Road Industrial Estate in Coleshill, anyone driving on the Northbound carriageway of the M6 motorway between junctions 6 and 7 between 6.20am - 6.30am this morning who saw a dark blue car and anyone who saw the men arriving at Sandwell Hospital at shortly after 6.30am.'

    The M6 Motorway remained closed yesterday morning as Police officers from West Midlands Police and Warwickshire Police investigated.
  2. And your problem with this is? Do you think we should go around grievously assaulting people because they are taking our stuff?

    Self defence, certainly, but we do not know this from the media reports. Only the police know the full circumstances.
  3. They pays there money so they takes there chances...hell mend them....three against one...sounds like a classic case of self defence.....

    Do you think he will get Legal Aid.....or will he be able to afford a decent defence.... 8) the event the evidence supports any charges being laid. Having said that I am sure the other two scrottes will state something along the lines of 'we were only out walking our dog when this mad Greek attacked us':roll:...a bit harsh for Fido pissing against his back wheel.... etc..... 8)
  4. Re: Truck driver who 'stabbed hijacker to death defending lo

    Oh look, a Daily Mail outrage thread, how interesting. :roll:

    Fcuk him, he stabbed someone.
  5. I think that the summary justice handed out by the victim will do more to deter these criminals than anything the British courts have to offer. If more of these thieving scum ended up dead or seriously injured the law abiding would sleep easier in their beds.
  6. Re: Truck driver who 'stabbed hijacker to death defending lo

    My brother in law used to run HGV's down to Trieste in Italy. One run he was hijacked just after of Venice. Carabinieri were called and took all the details… Sr Plod says to BIL… 'You know why they target British trucks? Because they know you are always unarmed'.

    BIL said he can't get a weapon to carry on his rig under UK law… Plod say's go ask some of the local drivers and they'll see you right. He was rather taken aback to find 'seeing him right' ran from knives to AK47's.

    Personally, If I were on a jury for the Greek driver it would be an automatic 'not guilty' the minute I sat down… end of.

    The European attitude that if you go to rob, don't come crying to the Police if you find a bullet is 100% good in my books.
  7. Re: Truck driver who 'stabbed hijacker to death defending lo

    A regrettable development, but nevertheless very true.
  8. 3 against one and obviously prepared to use violence - er, yes!
  9. Whatever.

    Sometimes I dispair of this forum. Rational debate seems beyond the capability of some people. Ranting and getting high blood pressure (yes, you, Slim) will not change the law. Which is that there appears on the face of the Daily Mail report, to have been broken.

    These delusional ravings IMHO are just an unecessary waste of bandwith.
  10. Re: Truck driver who 'stabbed hijacker to death defending lo

    You stick to your world of fluffy bunnies and all things sugar and nice along with that nice PC Dixon to keep you safe at night…

    Me? Anyone try and nick my stuff and they're going to need some serious repair work.

    I's a simple system… don't want to get whacked, don't be a thieving cvnt.
  11. Well please do not whine too hard when you are serving time and some nice long serving prisoner decides he wants to rape you.
  12. Re: Truck driver who 'stabbed hijacker to death defending lo

    so we wait until a solicitor has a spare half hour when we are attacked ? "Hello,yes ,you are being attacked by 3 scrotts,let me see if i can find someone to give you the legal aspects of your predicament,can you call again later ?"

    Open window,both barrels,shoot,reload.
  13. well lets hope that they put you and Oil Slick in the same cell and you can indulge in your unsavioury practices together, in a locked room away from polite society.
  14. Re: Truck driver who 'stabbed hijacker to death defending lo

    I'm afraid i'm in agreement with the sentiments expressed. I have always maintained that if someone tried to enter my house to steal my property of attack myself or family they will be dealt with fully and swiftly!!!
  15. Rosie
    The tablets take care of the blood pressure just as lawyers take care of the thieving scum in our community. Unfortunately the law is now on the side of the criminal.
    If one of mine was raped or murdered I would make sure that if the courts did not take care of the culprit I would.
    At 60+ and too ugly to be of use as a prison pretty boy I am sure that I would enjoy serving the few years that would be awarded in one of Her Majesties guest houses.
  16. Re: Truck driver who 'stabbed hijacker to death defending lo

    I know of a case of someone who was charged with GBH after punching someone merely once. However he got off with it because the 'victim' had been trying to start a fight and he knew that the person he was trying to start with was RM. If I remember the case the bootie got off because he used minimum force for the circumstances.

    Therefore if you warned your intruder you were a trained killer, invited them to leave, and they swung a punch at you, you could be justified in punching them back. If however you took their head and beat it against the front door handle until their eyes popped out of their head, you would not and I would promptly put you in a cell with Oil Slick and Slim.
  17. Try the Crabs,have they got a knitting circle?
  18. Re: Truck driver who 'stabbed hijacker to death defending lo

    Dream on…

    Fact: You catch a scrote in your house and you're perfectly entitled to put his lights out as long as you claim… 'I was in fear of my life, I though he had a weapon'…

    Fluffy fools like you are what's gotten this country into the mess it's in.

    Thieving scum are not 'victims' of society, they are simply thieving cvnts and should be dealt with accordingly.
  19. Outrageous how dare he stab some scroat who tried to steal his lorry!
  20. That cell is gonna get awfully crowded. Have fun guys!

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