Trout ditches boyfriend's van and clothes in the ogin!

All the guy most probably said was;

'Honey, I'm out with the lads, I'll be home later, no need to worry, I love you'

She most probably heard;

Fark off you old trout, get a face job, lose that chavish attitude, cut your hair and get out of my face, you're ruining my cred with the single ladies!

Lover boy comes home to find an EastEnder dramatic scene of his clothes and van gone, ditched in the harbour! His clothes only came up to £500, mostly ted baker, don't worry, he's getting paid today!

Both are ugly mutts, and worth ramming a 10" steel frame through their racing boats!

Bloody chavs need a going over! What you reckon?

Bet 'Emma' has a bright future ahead of her now, may involve a stint on Big Brother and then a mop and a cleaners outfit!

FIERY Emma Thomason took revenge after a row with her boyfriend — by loading all his clothes into his works van and driving it into a HARBOUR.

Angry Emma, 24, saw red on a night out with Jason Wilson when SHE wanted to go home but HE wanted to stay out with his mates.

She stormed off and loaded every item of his clothing into the van.

Then she drove it to a marina, parked on a slipway, got out and let the handbrake off. As the motor rolled into the water, Emma legged it.

The first thing plasterer Jason knew about it was when his boss rang to ask: “Er . . . where’s the van?â€

Full story
Bloody hell she is very ugly.

Anyway I think she should pay for the van and it's contents and the insurance bill/increase in premium. Also think he has had a lucky escape from a woman that is by the sounds of it a complete nutter, but then again there is always three sides to a story !
Women would understand , well ladie's would you ?

To me as I have said before, there is three sides to every story, each of the culprit's version and the truth, still this woman chose to cause criminal damage, which is not right no matter what, but then if he had been playing around with other women, then he deserves everything he gets, but then again she is an ugly pig !!! :D

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