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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by SJRM_RN, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. Out of interest, when did the horizontal creases in trousers cease to be part of the way a No1 uniform was worn?

  2. My entry ( April '78 ) was the first to be issued with No 2 uniform with fore and aft creases, although Nos 1s were already being issued in the aforementioned style. If I recall correctly everyone had to have the new style by mid '79.
    I remember that poster from my Sea Cadet days. As hard as I tried, I looked fcuk all like him.
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  3. You will never as he is sporting what the Spanish call Hombreras Even their Valoracion Navales' shoulders look nothing like that artist's impressioin
  4. Nov 78 I was issued new style rig but... having got my mits on a perfect fitting, top-notch set of old style 1's, I wore them right up until 84 when I accidentally left them in some MQ's. Never got pulled for wearing them.
  5. Am I right in thinking that the MQs in question weren't yours, and you decamped in nicks when the head of the household returned?
  6. I believe our entry was the first to be issued with the fore & aft rig in Sept 77, i got a bollocking for being in the correct rig at culdrose as no one had seen the rig before.
  7. Got issued the new rig after doing killicks course in 1980. I only wore it 3 times, once for mech's selection board, to get married in and for my POMEM's board then I flogged to a skimmer who was going for crusher.
  8. Wore mine for the first time for LRLC at Raleigh in 82 with old type collar and silk, and I wasnt the only one, Q grade A bollocking.
  9. I was 26 entry of june 1977 (entered the same day as the silver jubilee fleet review) and we were the last entry to get the old style rig
  10. buggered if I can remember, must have been late 70s........As I was a short arse when I joined up, I could only get 5 creases but after a yr or two, I grew 7 inches( in height....IN HEIGHT), and had to buy a complete new kit!
  11. I was one of the poor bastards selected to wear the new rig during its trials in 1972. The CPOGI selected me as he hated me.
    So I sucked up to the POGI Pete Overfield and pleaded with him after the first divisions I had to wear it. Satisfied I had well and truly had the urine extracted out of me, he relented and let me return it and wear my own old rig.
    I friggin nagged him so much on a daily basis he was glad to let me swap. He couldn't avoid me as I was gunners yoe.:grin:

    Just as an after thought, some may not know that three different rigs were trailed in '72 and if anyone thinks the rig choose is a feed of chutney they should have seen the other two.:)
  12. I'm pretty certain it was 27 Entry of that year - 5 July.

    Edit - in accordance with what flying_doc said.
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  13. 4 of us from Fife went to view the proposed designs in Viccy barracks along with a couple of other ships, like a catwalk show the poor bastards ''volunteered'' to wear the new designs had to put up with our laffs and comments ( royal bollocking afterwards), Rummers is right, the other designs looked like they were drawn on the back of a fag packet.
  14. One , if I remember rightly , was double breasted with 2 buttons to do up with a blue jean collar. :shock: :puker:
  15. 19th July 1977. We were issued with square rig No2's and measured for fore and aft No1's. If I remember rightly the Noz 1's were not ready and we had to pass out in our Noz 2's. I still have my 2's trousers folded up in their creases in the loft. I wonder if they'll still fit................
  16. I'm seem to remember the Navy News publishing phots of the proposed uniforms. Maybe Asst_Ed can confirm or even post the piccy's?
  17. Does anyone remember details of the alternative 8s trialled in (I think) the 80s? Blue dungaries with, if I remember correctly, a blue noggie style top. Gay in the extreme.
  18. Did you save your's big boy?:winkrazz::toothy3:
  19. I don't remember the dungarees but I've still got the noggy shirts they issued with the cargo pocket trousers when they came in. I think Rummers got issued with white duck trolleys, negative shoes and a bale of straw to make his hat.
  20. 8) Take away the hook, G.C. badge and ribbon, add a neatly trimmed set and its my double. What a lean mean handsome bastard I am. No wonder that I used to get stacks.:heart::heart:

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