Trouble with opening some pictures

Dear Gee .... er .. IT whizzes,
I seem to be able to look at most pictures which have been posted, but occasionally they are visible only as a X inside a white box. For example, I cannot see bigbadog's pics on the submersible thread. I have tried right-clicking on it but I don't get an 'open with' prompt. I have also right-clicked it and checked its 'properties' and it's a jpg thingy, which shouldn't pose a problem. Should it? I've even trawled through Nutty's and Andym crash course on pics and searched Bits and Bytes.

So how does one open the little blighters? My lappy is a blood red Vaio so it must be good, not only does it go nicely with my grey suit with cream pinstripe it also has some of the Vista Adobe photo Core Duo stuff inside it as well ... so why can't I see the bloody pictures?

Many thanks! :thumright:


Lantern Swinger
Hi Harry,

Could be a problem with the remote server rather than your shiny laptop. If the file is not actually present on the EXACT path specified, you will not see the image. Also, some corporate firewalls block access to the major image sharing sites (photobucket, imageshack etc).

Try downloading the image, see if it can be viewed when downloaded, if not, then it's probably not there.

The other possibility is that you have images turned off in Tools> Options

Let us know.

JamesH and Hobbit,
Sorry, it wasn't the Submersible thread it was the Cold War one. The file path of one of the pics I cannot see is
It is only rarely that I cannot see a pic that has been posted. I have no trouble seeing most pics nor do I have problems uploading and posting my own picks via imagecave, etc.
Thanks for the help, I'll just keep plugging away.
A couple of possibilites 'Arry.

As JamesH describes, the file is not present, i.e. you can see the filename, placeheader or spot where the file used to be, but for instance, when someone links to a file from someone else's website this uses bandwidth on the target site, is known as bandwidth leeching, and some web providers that host the site guard against it automatically, so when the user posts it he can see the image but within minutes or even seconds, the host site moves or renames the image to prevent leeching, fair enough since it costs them money every time someone looks at the image

If you are connecting to th'internet via a corporate network, they may have nanny software resident on their stuff that blocks images, ie filetypes with .jpg, or more sophisticated stuff that detects skintones, I know some govt nets that do this and you cant send your phots to people on it, even though they are just holiday/kids snaps etc. You can browse the web but some pics get blocked when theres too much skin (like reading a news site with a headshot close up on a face, sports news etc)

Lastly, the program you are using to look at the images, IE, Firefox etc cannot handle the file. You could DL something like Irfanview which handles every image type you will likely come across, but browsers usually handle all the same file types too, so this is unlikely. Irfanview is a really good prog for images and video anyway, and its free to DL but its the done thing to send the guy £10 (paypal) if you like it and keep it.

Hope that helps any, if you need the nerdspeak breaking down any further just post (standfast Blobbs...)
and then as an embedded picture...

Great pic James, just gave myself a wave in the Port Waist,careening ship and boiling eggs up the signal mast,happy days.

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